Fujitsu patents granted on 17 January 2012

22 US patents granted on 17 January 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,099,738 Message display device which changes a manner of displaying a message over time, and a non-transitory computer-readable medium storing a message display program changes a manner of displaying a message over time
2 8,099,697 Hardware logic verification support apparatus, verification support method and computer product
3 8,099,626 Recovery method management device, recovery method management method and computer product for recovering a failure of IT system
4 8,099,540 Reconfigurable circuit
5 8,099,527 Operation management apparatus, display method, and record medium
6 8,099,478 Program, method, and apparatus for managing applications
7 8,099,322 Time factor feature generation system, time factor feature generation method and time factor feature generation program
8 8,099,143 Cellular phone capable of being biaxial pivotal
9 8,098,997 Optical modulator and optical transmitter
10 8,098,988 Optical add/drop multiplexer
11 8,098,674 Queue selection method and scheduling device
12 8,098,575 Packet relay method and device
13 8,098,531 Semiconductor memory device
14 8,098,307 Imaging device and imaging method
15 8,098,302 Stain detection system
16 8,098,280 Moving object locating device, moving object locating method, and computer product
17 8,098,242 Arrangement comprising a first electronic device and a power supply unit and method for operating an electronic device
18 8,098,218 Plasma display device and method of driving the same
19 8,098,131 Mobile terminal with a short-range communication unit
20 8,098,092 Power amplifier
21 8,097,954 Adhesive layer forming a capacitor dielectric between semiconductor chips
22 8,096,576 Housing fixing structure