Fujitsu patents granted on 17 July 2007

24 US patents granted on 17 July 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,246,377 Method and apparatus for mediation of security information, and a computer product
2 7,246,335 Analyzing substrate noise
3 7,246,292 Apparatus and method for bit pattern learning and computer product
4 7,246,204 Pre-fetch control device, data processing apparatus and pre-fetch control method
5 7,246,139 File system for enabling the restoration of a deffective file
6 7,246,088 Content billing method, and content billing system and content billing apparatus using the content billing method
7 7,246,079 Method of predicting initial input of new product, system for predicting initial input of new product, and recording medium
8 7,245,873 Portable terminal, portable telephone and master slave portable telephone system using the portable terminal
9 7,245,837 Optical transmitting device
10 7,245,635 System and method for resizing the physical link bandwidth based on utilization thereof
11 7,245,618 Communication device for automatically setting a router configuration and method of controlling the device
12 7,245,617 Queuing packets written to memory for switching
13 7,245,585 Method and system for transmitting traffic in a virtual tunnel of a transmission line
14 7,245,549 Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling the semiconductor memory device
15 7,245,522 Magnetic memory device, method for writing magnetic memory device and method for reading magnetic memory device
16 7,245,516 Layout method and computer program product
17 7,245,448 Information recording apparatus and data writing control device therefor
18 7,245,422 Raman optical amplifier, optical transmission system using the same, and raman optical amplification method
19 7,245,421 Wavelength-division multiplexing optical communication system
20 7,245,178 Analog filter circuit and adjustment method thereof
21 7,245,076 Plasma display apparatus with main frame and adhesives having holes
22 7,245,048 Tactile panel
23 7,244,368 Manufacturing process of a magnetic head, magnetic head, pattern formation method
24 7,244,178 Communication device, cooling fan unit, and operation control method for the cooling fan unit