Fujitsu patents granted on 17 July 2012

50 US patents granted on 17 July 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,225,254 Delay period analyzing apparatus, delay period analyzing method, and delay period analyzing program
2 8,225,253 Redundant logic circuit detection method and device and computer-readable recording medium
3 8,225,250 Connection consistency check processing method, cable selection processing method, design confirmation processing device and recording medium that records design confirmation processing program
4 8,225,243 Development method for integrated circuits, program storage medium for storing the development method for integrated circuits, and concurrent development system, development program, and development method of ASIC and programmable logic device
5 8,225,160 Decoding apparatus, decoding method, and recording medium
6 8,225,141 Information processing apparatus, process verification support method, and computer product
7 8,225,136 Control method and storage device
8 8,225,080 Grid processing control apparatus
9 8,225,070 Information processing apparatus and cache memory control method
10 8,224,988 Network relay method, network relay apparatus, and network relay program
11 8,224,941 Method, apparatus, and computer product for managing operation
12 8,224,838 Database search method, program, and apparatus
13 8,224,834 Database message analysis support technique
14 8,224,762 Information processing method and apparatus for business process analysis
15 8,224,601 Semiconductor device and method of estimating capacitance value
16 8,224,560 Eco-drive support device and method
17 8,224,409 Three-dimensional filter with movable superconducting film for tuning the filter
18 8,224,385 Wireless base station and control method thereof
19 8,224,344 Parameter collecting method, wireless base station and relay station
20 8,224,319 Mobile wireless terminal apparatus and base station search method
21 8,224,302 Mobile wireless communication terminal and communication control method
22 8,224,236 System and method for switching an antenna in a relay station
23 8,224,180 Method and system for protection switching
24 8,224,090 Apparatus and method for analyzing and determining correlation of information in a document
25 8,224,043 Fingerprint image acquiring device, fingerprint authenticating apparatus, fingerprint image acquiring method, and fingerprint authenticating method
26 8,223,987 Attachment structure for a sound generating apparatus
27 8,223,977 Sound receiver
28 8,223,968 Image data verification program recorded on a recording medium, image data verification method, and image data verification system
29 8,223,912 Transfer apparatus, and jitter control method of transmission signal
30 8,223,772 Clock supply device and transmission device
31 8,223,766 Communication method for system including client device and plural server devices
32 8,223,756 Network device and computer product
33 8,223,727 Association method, relay apparatus, communication management apparatus and bandwidth allocation management apparatus
34 8,223,681 Base station, mobile station, and method for wideband wireless access system
35 8,223,651 Information processing apparatus, summarizing method and summarizing program
36 8,223,507 Electronic circuit and method for making electronic circuit
37 8,223,413 Hologram recorder
38 8,223,403 Inspection apparatus, inspection method and manufacturing method of mask for exposure, and mask for exposure
39 8,223,277 Display device and display method
40 8,223,247 Method for calculating shift amount of image pickup element and image pickup element
41 8,223,015 Electronic apparatus system having a plurality of rack-mounted electronic apparatuses, and method for identifying electronic apparatus in electronic apparatus system
42 8,223,000 Information access system for accessing information in contactless information storage device, and method therefor
43 8,222,951 Semiconductor device and bias generation circuit
44 8,222,706 Semiconductor device
45 8,222,701 P-channel MOS transistor and semiconductor integrated circuit device
46 8,222,683 Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
47 8,222,672 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
48 8,222,540 Printed wiring board and electronic-component package
49 8,221,198 Polishing apparatus for polishing a work having two surfaces
50 8,221,190 Polishing apparatus cofigured to simultaneously polish two surfaces of a work