Fujitsu patents granted on 17 June 2014

19 US patents granted on 17 June 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,756,671 Information processing apparatus, security method, and storage medium storing security program
2 8,756,600 Judging apparatus, method, and recording medium of program for estimating the effect of deployment of an application in a virtual machine environment
3 8,756,553 Computer product, design support method, design support apparatus, and manufacture method
4 8,756,545 Delay time calculating apparatus and method
5 8,756,386 Backup apparatus, backup method and computer readable medium having a backup program
6 8,756,343 Data management method and node apparatus
7 8,755,878 Heartbeat signal processor and heartbeat signal processing method
8 8,755,563 Target detecting method and apparatus
9 8,755,384 Network apparatus and network managing apparatus
10 8,755,374 Optical packet switch device
11 8,755,351 Wireless line usage status monitoring method and device
12 8,755,287 Network managing device and network managing method
13 8,755,191 Server frame and rack-mounted server suitable for use in the server frame
14 8,754,747 Authentication device, authentication system, and authentication method
15 8,754,667 Semiconductor device test method and semiconductor device
16 8,754,632 Integrated circuit with power state determination circuit
17 8,754,333 Printed circuit board incorporating fibers
18 8,753,130 Interposer and joint terminal
19 8,752,689 Money input/output apparatus, replenishing/collecting apparatus, and method of running money input/output apparatus