Fujitsu patents granted on 17 March 2015

44 US patents granted on 17 March 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,984,522 Relay apparatus and relay management apparatus
2 8,984,337 Apparatus and method for selecting candidate for failure component
3 8,984,272 Information processing apparatus, secure module, information processing method, and computer product
4 8,984,263 Information processing device and emulation processing program and method
5 8,984,160 Apparatus and method for storing a port number in association with one or more addresses
6 8,984,125 Computer program, method, and information processing apparatus for analyzing performance of computer system
7 8,984,088 Communication control apparatus, communication system, information processing apparatus, and communication control method
8 8,984,055 Relay device, information processing system, and computer-readable recording medium
9 8,983,893 Modeling dynamic graphs with binary decision diagrams
10 8,983,515 Wireless communication system, wireless communication terminal and method of wireless communication
11 8,983,498 Communication apparatus and method for controlling communication system
12 8,983,298 Optical channel monitor
13 8,983,296 Optical signal-processing apparatus, receiving apparatus, and optical network system
14 8,983,290 System and method for monitoring a dual-polarization signal using an in-band supervisory signal
15 8,983,143 Biometric authentication device, biometric authentication method and computer program for biometric authentication
16 8,983,014 Receiver circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
17 8,983,013 Signal processing circuit and signal processing method
18 8,982,900 Routing around intra-network element disconnectivity
19 8,982,897 Data block output apparatus, communication system, data block output method, and communication method
20 8,982,858 Wireless communication apparatus, information processing apparatus, and wireless communication control method
21 8,982,844 Base station, communication method and wireless communication system
22 8,982,822 Transmitter, receiver, communication system, and communication method
23 8,982,756 Intermittent reception control apparatus, computer-readable recording medium, and intermittent reception control method
24 8,982,740 Wireless communication device for calculating level correction value for transmission signal
25 8,982,699 Method and system for protection group switching
26 8,982,650 Memory interface circuit and timing adjusting method
27 8,982,632 Semiconductor memory device and method of driving semiconductor memory device
28 8,982,135 Information processing apparatus and image display method
29 8,981,974 Time-to-digital converter and control method
30 8,981,881 Stacked module
31 8,981,854 Clock distributor and electronic apparatus
32 8,981,476 Semiconductor device with high breakdown voltage and manufacture thereof
33 8,981,472 MOS transistor and fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
34 8,981,343 Semiconductor device and receiver
35 8,980,768 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
36 8,980,710 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
37 8,980,692 Semiconductor device manufacturing method
38 8,980,647 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
39 8,980,535 Resist pattern improving material, method for forming resist pattern, and method for producing semiconductor device
40 8,979,552 Connector and method for connecting the connector
41 8,979,517 Rotary compressor having semicircular-step-snap enlarged diameter portion in groove portion of end plate closing end portion of cylinder
42 8,979,221 Foot for a computer casing, and computer casing having a foot of said type
43 8,978,402 Heat pump apparatus
44 8,978,393 Outdoor unit of air conditioner