Fujitsu patents granted on 17 May 2016

53 US patents granted on 17 May 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,345,175 Electronic apparatus and cooling method
2 9,345,170 Heat exchange device, electronic system, and cooling method of electronic system
3 9,345,138 Laminated substrate and method of manufacturing laminated substrate
4 9,345,062 Relay system, relay device, and control method and control program of relay device
5 9,345,056 Frequency selection for device to device wireless communication
6 9,345,051 Terminal, communication circuit and communication method
7 9,345,043 Radio communication device and retransmission control method
8 9,345,037 Wireless communication system assigning terminals to group corresponding to frequency bands
9 9,344,971 Apparatus and method for controlling transmit power in a mobile communication system
10 9,344,948 Handover with mobile relays
11 9,344,851 Speed estimation method in a mobile terminal according to a result of determining a given satisfying condition
12 9,344,582 Terminal and mobile communication system
13 9,344,577 Control method, transmission apparatus, and recording medium comparing versions of circuit data and copying to match circuit data of first and second interfaces
14 9,344,507 Method of processing web access information and server implementing same
15 9,344,483 System and method for facilitating remote downloading
16 9,344,370 Communication apparatus, wireless communication network system, and communication method
17 9,344,363 Information processing system, relay device, information processing device, and information processing method
18 9,344,352 Transfer device, communication system, and roundabout path detecting method
19 9,344,347 Delay time measuring apparatus, computer readable record medium on which delay time measuring program is recorded, and delay time measuring method
20 9,344,309 Decision circuit, receiver device, and processor
21 9,344,269 Receiving circuit
22 9,344,266 Transmission system, transmission apparatus, and clock synchronization method
23 9,344,261 Method and apparatus for performing carrier management in carrier aggregation system
24 9,344,214 Optical wavelength path rearranging method, computer product, optical transmission managing apparatus, and optical transmission apparatus
25 9,344,199 Optical receiver and light receiving method
26 9,344,194 System and method for monitoring and control of an optical modulator for an M-QAM transmitter
27 9,344,190 Flexible placement of spectral inverters in optical networks
28 9,344,160 Data transmission method and system, transmitter, and receiver
29 9,344,073 Semiconductor device
30 9,344,071 Clock signal distribution power efficiency improvement
31 9,343,872 Optical amplification device and optical amplification method
32 9,343,834 Header, receptacle, connector, and method of manufacturing the header
33 9,343,382 Electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
34 9,343,113 Control apparatus and control method
35 9,343,075 Voice processing apparatus and voice processing method
36 9,342,905 Method and apparatus for displaying tubular object
37 9,342,726 Imaging device, imaging method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
38 9,342,473 Parallel computer system, crossbar switch, and method of controlling parallel computer system according to selective transmission of data via ports of the crossbar switch
39 9,342,456 Storage control program for hierarchy relocation control, storage system with hierarchy relocation control and hierarchy control apparatus thereof
40 9,342,451 Processor management method
41 9,342,418 Storage system, storage control device and data transfer method
42 9,342,409 Recording medium storing transaction resuming program, information processing apparatus and transaction resuming method
43 9,342,407 Storage control apparatus and computer-readable recording medium recorded with control program
44 9,342,356 Task execution control for generating context information of a user to locate available services
45 9,342,203 Input apparatus and input method
46 9,342,152 Signal processing device and signal processing method
47 9,342,133 Information processing apparatus and power saving control method
48 9,342,127 Electronic apparatus, and charging control method
49 9,342,081 Air conditioner
50 9,341,699 Method of controlling mobile information terminal and mobile information terminal
51 9,341,587 Electric potential measuring apparatus
52 9,339,205 Waveform analyzer and waveform analysis method
53 9,339,193 Physiological adaptability system with multiple sensors