Fujitsu patents granted on 17 November 2015

42 US patents granted on 17 November 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,192,058 Method for manufacturing component built-in substrate
2 9,191,952 Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, and wireless communication system
3 9,191,933 Timing adjustment method in a mobile communication system that performs an adjustment of uplink transmission timing by random access between a user equipment and a base station
4 9,191,856 Network system, offload device, and offload traffic control method
5 9,191,846 Monitoring method of multi-hop wireless network
6 9,191,676 Video decoding apparatus and method
7 9,191,306 Network design system
8 9,191,258 Reception device and reception method
9 9,191,187 Reception circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
10 9,191,168 Method and apparatus for aperiodically transmitting sounding reference signal
11 9,191,145 Communications apparatus, multiplex communications apparatus, communications system, and communication method
12 9,191,143 Optical transmission device and optical transmission device control method
13 9,191,137 Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, transmission method, and reception method
14 9,191,122 Optical module with a light receiving element receiving leakage light and method of monitoring optical module by receiving leakage light
15 9,191,119 Optical transmission apparatus and optical transmission method
16 9,191,091 Radio communication system using multi-antenna transmission technique, and multi-user scheduler therefor
17 9,191,089 Control channel information transmission method, and base station and terminal using the same method
18 9,190,972 Automatic gain control device and method, power adjusting device and radio transmitting system
19 9,190,964 Distortion compensation device and distortion compensation method
20 9,190,801 Method and apparatus for detection of failure of an optical amplifier
21 9,190,507 Semiconductor device
22 9,190,215 Electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
23 9,190,136 Ferroelectric memory device
24 9,190,048 Speech dialogue system, terminal apparatus, and data center apparatus
25 9,190,027 Recording medium, information processing apparatus, and presentation method
26 9,189,830 Image defogging method and system
27 9,189,684 Biometric authentication device, biometric authentication method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
28 9,189,599 Calculating and monitoring a composite stress index
29 9,189,530 Information processing device, computer-readable recording medium, and node extraction method
30 9,189,359 Computer product, control apparatus, and control method
31 9,189,301 Data processing method and data processing system
32 9,189,279 Assignment method and multi-core processor system
33 9,189,272 Information processing apparatus, computer program, and method for controlling execution of jobs
34 9,189,216 Power consumption design-optimization of a communication device software program
35 9,189,171 Storage system and method for controlling storage system
36 9,189,103 Terminal device and key entry method for preventing erroneous entry in key entry
37 9,189,060 Method of controlling information processing apparatus and information processing apparatus
38 9,189,058 Power consumption control on an identified unused storage unit
39 9,188,761 Optical device and method of manufacturing the same
40 9,188,743 Optical coupling structure and optical transmission apparatus
41 9,188,667 Moving object detecting apparatus, moving object detecting method, and computer readable recording medium
42 9,186,904 Printer