Fujitsu patents granted on 18 August 2015

36 US patents granted on 18 August 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D736,743 Loudspeaker with amplifier
2 9,113,582 Air conditioning control apparatus and air conditioning control method
3 9,113,566 Electronic device and printed circuit board connection method
4 9,113,561 Case and electronic device
5 9,113,466 Radio communication system, base station, relay station, and radio communication method
6 9,113,366 Method for identifying area, wireless base station, mobile terminal, and wireless communication system
7 9,112,783 Wireless base transceiver station, communication system, and data transfer method
8 9,112,681 Method and apparatus for secure information transfer to support migration
9 9,112,673 Reception circuit
10 9,112,658 Base station, user terminal, and communication method
11 9,112,637 Optical transmission device and method
12 9,112,609 Mitigation of polarization dependent loss in optical multi-carrier/super-channel transmission
13 9,112,605 Dual-polarization interferometric optical signal-to-noise ratio monitor
14 9,112,560 Control channel information transmission method, and base station and terminal using the same method
15 9,112,495 Integrated circuit device body bias circuits and methods
16 9,112,484 Integrated circuit process and bias monitors and related methods
17 9,112,057 Semiconductor devices with dopant migration suppression and method of fabrication thereof
18 9,112,006 Semiconductor device and fabricating method of the same
19 9,111,785 Semiconductor structure with improved channel stack and method for fabrication thereof
20 9,111,533 Audio coding device, method, and computer-readable recording medium storing program
21 9,111,441 Control device, control system and control method
22 9,111,358 Digital-watermark embedding device, digital-watermark embedding method, and digital-watermark detecting device
23 9,111,192 RFID tag
24 9,111,152 Verification object specifying apparatus, verification object specifying program, and verification object specifying method
25 9,111,052 Control system for controlling electronic circuit, and signal relaying apparatus
26 9,110,886 Data transfer control apparatus, data transfer control method, and computer product
27 9,110,859 Signal processing device and signal processing method
28 9,110,812 Virtual tape device and control method of virtual tape device
29 9,110,733 Multi-core processor system, arbiter circuit control method, and computer product
30 9,110,730 Communication method and communication apparatus
31 9,110,649 Storage apparatus, control apparatus and control method
32 9,110,646 Computer system, method for programming a real-time clock and a computer program product
33 9,110,264 Optical module
34 9,110,164 Radar apparatus and signal processing method
35 9,108,429 Method of controlling printer and printer
36 9,107,565 Identifying an event occurrence from sensor data streams