Fujitsu patents granted on 18 December 2007

19 US patents granted on 18 December 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,310,778 Graphical element selection program
2 7,310,705 Multithread processor and thread switching control method
3 7,310,674 Load balancer for network processor
4 7,310,608 Authentication method, authentication system, payment system, user apparatus and recording medium containing program for conducting authentication
5 7,310,596 Method and system for embedding and extracting data from encoded voice code
6 7,310,525 Network service system using temporary user identifier
7 7,310,507 Filter circuit permitting adjustment of cutoff frequency
8 7,310,474 Unit installed in electronic equipment and connection mechanism of transmission line of the electronic equipment
9 7,310,372 Motion vector encoding device and decoding device
10 7,310,305 Method for determining reference phase in radio communication system which uses orthogonal M-ary modulation, and coherent detection method using the same
11 7,310,081 Inputting device stimulating tactile sense of operator thereof
12 7,310,055 Data compression method and compressed data transmitting method
13 7,310,026 Semiconductor integrated circuit with function to detect state of stable oscillation
14 7,310,011 Clock signal adjuster circuit
15 7,309,996 Contactor for electronic components and test method using the same
16 7,309,917 Multilayer board and a semiconductor device
17 7,309,872 Paper sheets thread part or paper sheets thread part detection method
18 7,309,229 Mold die
19 7,308,999 Die bonding apparatus