Fujitsu patents granted on 18 January 2011

33 US patents granted on 18 January 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D631,039 Personal computer
2 7,874,002 Method of connection of equipment in a network and network system using same
3 7,873,990 Information processing apparatus, program and method for transmitting content in security scheme according to license policy
4 7,873,880 Data relay device, storage device, and response delay monitoring method
5 7,873,875 Debugging system, debugging circuit and information processing apparatus
6 7,873,839 Method of and apparatus for reproducing information, and security module
7 7,873,789 System controller, identical-address-request-queuing preventing method, and information processing apparatus having identical-address-request-queuing preventing function
8 7,873,733 Load distribution method, load distribution device, and system including load distribution device
9 7,873,688 Processing method and computer system for summation of floating point data
10 7,873,618 Map information distribution system, map information distribution method, and computer-readable recording medium
11 7,873,594 System analysis program, system analysis method, and system analysis apparatus
12 7,873,507 Multi-core model simulator
13 7,873,501 Crack growth evaluation apparatus, crack growth evaluation method, and recording medium recording crack growth evaluation program
14 7,873,283 Method of monitoring optical signal to noise ratio and optical transmission system using the same
15 7,873,268 Focus adjusting apparatus and method
16 7,873,254 Mounting member for fixedly holding cylindrical mounted part on printed wiring board
17 7,873,226 Image encoding apparatus
18 7,873,155 Method and device for estimating work skills, and computer product
19 7,873,113 Radio communication method, transmitter, and receiver
20 7,873,096 Frequency-division multiplexing transceiver apparatus, wave-number-division multiplexing transceiver apparatus and method thereof
21 7,873,082 Semiconductor integrated device
22 7,873,063 Cell management method and apparatus
23 7,872,996 Mobile communication system and communication method thereof
24 7,872,877 Plasma display apparatus
25 7,872,875 Mounting board, height adjusting apparatus and mounting method
26 7,872,612 Antenna apparatus utilizing aperture of transmission line
27 7,872,536 Variance correction method, PLL circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
28 7,872,490 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for testing the same
29 7,872,360 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
30 7,872,293 Capacitance cell, semiconductor device, and capacitance cell arranging method
31 7,871,924 Semiconductor device having copper wiring
32 7,871,917 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
33 7,871,687 Method of making microstructure device, and microstructure device made by the same