Fujitsu patents granted on 18 March 2014

66 US patents granted on 18 March 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,677,501 Privilege violation detecting program
2 8,677,469 Firewall device
3 8,677,455 Authentication method
4 8,677,364 Computer program, method, and apparatus for grouping tasks into series
5 8,677,363 Method for managing, tracking and distributing job programs for processing to a plurality of execution computers
6 8,677,323 Recording medium storing monitoring program, monitoring method, and monitoring system
7 8,677,296 Circuit design support computer product, method, and apparatus
8 8,677,261 In-vehicle display system
9 8,677,192 Information correction support system and method
10 8,677,179 Information processing apparatus for performing error process when controllers in synchronization operation detect error simultaneously
11 8,677,110 Termination-log acquiring program, termination-log acquiring device, and termination-log acquiring method
12 8,677,089 Storage apparatus and storage system
13 8,677,070 Cache memory control apparatus and cache memory control method
14 8,677,036 Power control device
15 8,677,015 Link trace frame transfer program recording medium, switching hub, and link trace frame transfer method
16 8,677,001 Streaming transmission method system, data processing apparatus and computer readable storage medium for making unwanted and malicious data unexecutable from voice or animation data streams
17 8,676,947 Resource reservation apparatus and method
18 8,676,880 Server apparatus, communication apparatus, and method for generating navigation information
19 8,676,786 Computer product, data conversion apparatus, and conversion method
20 8,676,766 Computer-readable recording medium storing cluster system control program, cluster system, and cluster system control method
21 8,676,571 Audio signal processing system and audio signal processing method
22 8,676,568 Information processing apparatus and message extraction method
23 8,676,548 Support apparatus using objective function
24 8,676,263 Wireless base station, wireless apparatus, wireless controlling apparatus, and communication method
25 8,676,218 Coverage hole compensation in a cellular wireless network
26 8,676,157 Wireless network system
27 8,676,137 Mobile wireless terminal, a method of measuring signal strength of a received signal, and a method of searching for a base station
28 8,676,062 Optical transmission apparatus and method
29 8,676,059 Optical signal processing apparatus and optical communication system
30 8,676,054 Optical transmission receiver and method for the same
31 8,676,049 Imaging control unit, imaging apparatus, and imaging control method
32 8,675,959 Computer-readable recording medium and image processing apparatus
33 8,675,764 Method and apparatus for generating a precoding matrix codebook group
34 8,675,684 Frame generating apparatus and frame generating method
35 8,675,619 Wireless ad hoc communication system
36 8,675,610 Wireless communication system
37 8,675,521 Node related information collecting system, node device and frame processing method
38 8,675,501 Transmission apparatus and reporting method for reporting fault
39 8,675,470 Crosstalk coefficient estimating apparatus and crosstalk coefficient estimating method
40 8,675,430 Semiconductor storage device
41 8,675,383 Semiconductor device
42 8,675,337 Variable capacitor and filter circuit with bias voltage
43 8,675,326 Bidirectional switch and charge/discharge protection device using same
44 8,675,302 Cartridge magazine for library system and library system with cartridge theft prevention mechanism
45 8,674,873 Signal processing apparatus, radar apparatus, object detection system, signal processing method, and computer-readable medium
46 8,674,773 Phase interpolator with voltage-controlled oscillator injection-lock
47 8,674,742 Driver circuit for preventing overshoot and undershoot due to parasitic capacitance
48 8,674,736 Clock synchronization circuit
49 8,674,716 Probe and method of manufacturing probe
50 8,674,676 Power-supply control apparatus and power-supply control method
51 8,674,588 Electric power generation device, electric power generation method, and electric power generation device manufacturing method
52 8,674,533 Engine control device, vehicle, and engine control method
53 8,674,520 Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, and power supply unit
54 8,674,501 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
55 8,674,478 Semiconductor device having capacitor with upper electrode whose circumference is made long
56 8,674,437 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
57 8,674,421 Semiconductor device
58 8,673,762 Solder, soldering method, and semiconductor device
59 8,673,684 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
60 8,673,657 Semiconductor device including a circuit area and a monitor area having a plurality of monitor layers and method for manufacturing the same
61 8,673,050 Conductive material, conductive paste, circuit board, and semiconductor device
62 8,672,713 Connector to be electrically connected to connecting target and to substrate
63 8,672,690 Electronic connector including grounding part having protrusion interposed between terminal connecting parts
64 8,672,569 Platen roller fixing structure and printer
65 8,672,566 Node apparatus and communication method
66 8,671,557 Tray in combination with electronic component attaching tool attached to the tray