Fujitsu patents granted on 19 August 2008

34 US patents granted on 19 August 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,415,676 Visual field changing method
2 7,415,637 Method and apparatus for estimating network troubles
3 7,415,636 Method and apparatus for replacement processing
4 7,415,561 Computer for dynamically determining interrupt delay
5 7,415,555 Bus bridge device
6 7,415,550 System and method for controlling DMA data transfer
7 7,415,518 File server program
8 7,415,514 Method and system for providing and utilizing total package program with advertisement
9 7,415,491 Method and apparatus for optimizing heap size, and program and program recording medium thereof
10 7,415,250 Distortion compensating amplifier
11 7,415,202 Image taking device, method for controlling light sources and computer program
12 7,415,182 Optical fiber cable
13 7,415,111 Optical network unit and optical line terminal
14 7,415,091 Multiple frame rate synchronous detecting method and apparatus
15 7,415,003 Communication network managing system, element and network managers therefor, and computer-readable recording medium in which communication network managing program is recorded
16 7,414,966 Transmission system with congestion state-based flow control
17 7,414,941 Data recording device and data reproducing device
18 7,414,910 Semiconductor memory device and refresh method for the same
19 7,414,815 Magnetic head actuator with centered deviation
20 7,414,810 Magnetic head structure with insulating layer configured to reduce thermal deformation of floating surface towards disk
21 7,414,713 Method of measuring focal point, instrument used therefor, and method of fabricating semiconductor device
22 7,414,659 Portable terminal and portable telephone having a camera and lens cover
23 7,414,610 Pressing direction sensor and input device using the same
24 7,414,453 Level conversion circuit
25 7,414,442 Buffer circuit and integrated circuit
26 7,414,394 Method of quality-testing a shield film of a magnetoresistive effect head
27 7,414,353 Piezoelectric actuator and head assembly using the piezoelectric actuator
28 7,414,328 Light control apparatus for vehicle
29 7,414,292 Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
30 7,414,278 Semiconductor device with shallow trench isolation which controls mechanical stresses
31 7,413,977 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device suitable for forming wiring using damascene method
32 7,413,913 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
33 7,413,472 Electronic apparatus including enclosure having opening for connector
34 7,413,116 Banking system, automated teller machine, financial transaction method, and a recording medium recording a financial transaction program readable by computer