Fujitsu patents granted on 19 August 2014

44 US patents granted on 19 August 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,813,002 Circuit board design support program, design support method, and design support apparatus
2 8,812,943 Detecting data corruption in medical binary decision diagrams using hashing techniques
3 8,812,926 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication control apparatus, wireless communication method, wireless communication program storage medium, wireless communication control method, and wireless communication control program storage medium
4 8,812,866 Method and apparatus for storing data
5 8,812,829 Information processing apparatus and start-up method
6 8,812,803 Duplication elimination in a storage service
7 8,812,780 Raid group control device
8 8,812,767 Method of controlling memory, memory control circuit, storage device and electronic device
9 8,812,753 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium storing computer program
10 8,812,639 Job managing device, job managing method and job managing program
11 8,812,288 Speed converting apparatus with load controlling function and information processing system
12 8,812,043 Communication system
13 8,811,982 Communicating operator information to an external device
14 8,811,822 System and method for selection of ghost channels for mitigating polarization hole burning
15 8,811,821 Optical transmitter, optical transmission method, and transmission/reception system
16 8,811,804 Methods and systems for reducing moving image data volume while maintaining luminance data of the moving image
17 8,811,746 Mobile unit position detecting apparatus and mobile unit position detecting method
18 8,811,681 Biometric authentication apparatus and biometric authentication method
19 8,811,671 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
20 8,811,653 Speaker unit
21 8,811,501 Receiving apparatus, transmission and reception system, and restoration method
22 8,811,376 Packet transmitting apparatus and network system
23 8,811,368 Reception apparatus, path detection apparatus, method thereof, and computer product used in CDMA system base station
24 8,811,264 Relay station, communication system, and communication method
25 8,811,254 Dynamic connection admission control to enforce service level agreements in multicast networks
26 8,811,220 System and method for cooperative data transfer
27 8,811,133 Writing system, writing device, and writing method
28 8,811,104 Semiconductor memory and system
29 8,811,058 Resistance change element, method for manufacturing the same, and semiconductor memory
30 8,811,031 Multichip module and method for manufacturing the same
31 8,811,028 Semiconductor device and circuit board
32 8,811,023 Electronic device
33 8,810,945 Vibration detection and control of storage device and storage system
34 8,810,782 Dispersion measurement apparatus using a wavelet transform to determine a time difference based on indentified peaks
35 8,810,694 Device and computer-readable recording medium for imaging and image processing with color correction
36 8,810,315 Differential amplifying circuit
37 8,810,297 Circuit device, frequency changing circuit, method of testing circuit device, and method of controlling frequency changing circuit
38 8,810,043 Semiconductor device
39 8,810,038 Semiconductor device and wiring board
40 8,809,919 Semiconductor device with inverted trapezoidal cross sectional profile in surface areas of substrate
41 8,809,906 Semiconductor optical device
42 8,809,719 Switch device and connector
43 8,809,136 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
44 8,807,919 Counter-rotating axial flow fan