Fujitsu patents granted on 19 February 2008

18 US patents granted on 19 February 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,334,171 Test pattern generating apparatus, circuit designing apparatus, test pattern generating method, circuit designing method, test pattern generating program and circuit designing program
2 7,334,139 Power supply control apparatus, power supply control system, and administration apparatus
3 7,334,083 Library system, virtual library apparatus, cache restoring method, and computer readable recording medium recorded thereon a cache restoring program
4 7,334,061 Burst-capable interface buses for device-to-device communications
5 7,333,959 Apparatus and method for ballot ticket price calculation
6 7,333,769 Learning support method that updates and transmits learner understanding levels
7 7,333,601 Telephone-receiving call center system
8 7,333,436 Network device with traffic shaping functions and bandwidth control method using leaky bucket algorithm
9 7,333,287 Head position control method and disk apparatus
10 7,333,162 Display unit structure
11 7,333,132 Corrected image generating apparatus and corrected image generating program storage medium
12 7,332,865 Display panel device with a light-permeable front sheet
13 7,332,810 Integrated circuit device and method of producing the same
14 7,332,357 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
15 7,332,107 Organic conductive polymer composition
16 7,331,774 Back pressure control mechanism of orbiting scroll in scroll compressor
17 7,331,517 Article reader program, article management method and article reader
18 7,331,092 Method and manufacturing surface acoustic wave device