Fujitsu patents granted on 19 July 2011

45 US patents granted on 19 July 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,984,414 Printed circuit board design support apparatus, method, and recording medium storing program therefor
2 7,984,413 Wiring design processing method and wiring design processing apparatus
3 7,984,406 Timing verification method and apparatus
4 7,984,403 Verification supporting system
5 7,984,361 Raid system and data recovery apparatus using galois field
6 7,984,350 Logic circuitry and recording medium
7 7,984,343 Inter-device connection test circuit generating method, generation apparatus, and its storage medium
8 7,984,271 Processor device for out-of-order processing having reservation stations utilizing multiplexed arithmetic pipelines
9 7,984,238 Storage-management computer-readable storage medium, apparatus, and method
10 7,984,234 Memory control apparatus and memory control method
11 7,984,189 Recording medium storing slip data processing program, method of processing slip data, and slip data processing device
12 7,984,011 Policy change processing program, policy change processing method, policy change processing apparatus
13 7,983,727 Superconductor filter unit
14 7,983,683 Communication method, communication apparatus and communication system
15 7,983,673 Mobile communication network system and location registration method
16 7,983,664 Transmission method, wireless base station, and wireless communication method
17 7,983,636 Amplifier control device
18 7,983,633 Radio base station having transmitters corresponding to a plurality of sectors, and signal transmission method for a plurality of sectors
19 7,983,564 Transmission system and transmission method
20 7,983,495 Image processing device and method
21 7,983,318 Optical semiconductor device
22 7,983,190 Network system, layer 3 communication device, layer 2 communication device, and route selection method
23 7,983,172 Interference measuring and mapping method and apparatus for wireless networks using relay stations
24 7,983,157 Bandwidth control system, method, and program storage medium storing program thereof
25 7,983,154 Method for increasing/reducing band data rate of ring-based network and node apparatus of the ring-based network
26 7,983,151 Communication systems
27 7,983,149 Line accommodation device and control method thereof
28 7,983,096 Semiconductor device including nonvolatile memory
29 7,983,030 Electronic apparatus and panel
30 7,982,957 Optical apparatus using a lens array
31 7,982,937 Micro mirror unit and its manufacturing process, and optical switch with the micro mirror unit employed therein
32 7,982,851 Method for measuring flare amount, mask for measuring flare amount, and method for manufacturing device
33 7,982,702 Liquid crystal display device with improved viewing angle characteristics
34 7,982,638 Data transmission circuit and data communication system
35 7,982,545 Transmission apparatus and method of switching phase lock reference frequency signal thereof
36 7,982,472 Resistance measurement method and component inspection process
37 7,982,466 Inspection method for semiconductor memory
38 7,982,431 Detection circuit
39 7,982,295 Electronic device, electronic apparatus mounted with electronic device, article equipped with electronic device and method of producing electronic device
40 7,982,254 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
41 7,982,145 Inserting connector, receiving connector, and connector unit
42 7,982,144 Inserting connector, receiving connector, and connector unit
43 7,980,893 Coaxial connector and connector device
44 7,980,861 Printed circuit board unit and socket
45 7,980,459 Presence system and method for presence management