Fujitsu patents granted on 19 June 2012

28 US patents granted on 19 June 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,205,103 Power-source control system and method to supply and control power to an information processing apparatus
2 8,205,077 Management apparatus
3 8,205,042 Communication control apparatus and method
4 8,205,041 Virtual tape apparatus, control method of virtual tape apparatus, and control section of electronic device
5 8,204,993 Computer system and information processing method
6 8,204,722 Simulation apparatus, simulation method, and simulation program
7 8,204,700 Failure prediction apparatus and failure prediction method
8 8,204,699 Analyzing apparatus, analyzing method, and computer-readable recording medium storing an analyzing program
9 8,204,541 Holding base and information processing system
10 8,204,534 Transmit power control system, transmit power control method, and terminal device
11 8,204,456 Systems and methods for spurious emission cancellation
12 8,204,322 Image processing method, encoder, and decoder
13 8,204,278 Image recognition method
14 8,204,207 Communication support system, communication support method and communication support program
15 8,204,153 Clock recovery circuit and data receiving circuit
16 8,204,054 System having a plurality of nodes connected in multi-dimensional matrix, method of controlling system and apparatus
17 8,204,040 Wireless communications method, wireless control station, and wireless base station
18 8,203,996 Communication device, wireless communication device, and control method
19 8,203,958 Frame counter correction apparatus, opposing apparatus, and frame counter correction method
20 8,203,935 Signal transmitting device for switching forwarding destination
21 8,203,817 Power supply circuit, overcurrent protection circuit for the same, and electronic device
22 8,203,781 Signal light monitoring apparatus, optical amplification apparatus and optical reception apparatus, and signal light monitoring method
23 8,203,648 Motion vector detecting apparatus and motion vector detecting method
24 8,203,614 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program to detect motion on images
25 8,203,485 Method of estimating direction of arrival and apparatus thereof
26 8,203,361 Circuit system including first circuit sub-system, second circuit sub-system and bidirectional bus, circuit sub-system and method
27 8,203,198 Thin film capacitor device used for a decoupling capacitor and having a resistor inside
28 8,202,382 Method for manufacturing micro movable element