Fujitsu patents granted on 20 August 2013

55 US patents granted on 20 August 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,516,491 Multi-core processor
2 8,516,482 Virtual machine assigning method and storage medium thereof, information processing device having virtual machine environment
3 8,516,441 Software optimization device and software optimization method
4 8,516,324 Data retransmission method and wireless communication apparatus
5 8,516,303 Arithmetic device for concurrently processing a plurality of threads
6 8,516,291 Information processing apparatus, data reception device and method of controlling the information processing apparatus
7 8,516,289 Storage management apparatus for controlling power supply to storages, storage system including the same, and method for controlling power supply to storages
8 8,516,282 Transmission device and method for putting transmission device to sleep
9 8,516,265 Authentication method, authentication device, program and recording medium
10 8,516,223 Dispatching instruction from reservation station to vacant instruction queue of alternate arithmetic unit
11 8,516,208 Data backup method and information processing apparatus
12 8,516,206 Computer-readable medium storing storage control program, storage control method, and storage control device
13 8,516,139 Communication control unit and communication control method applied for multicast-supporting LAN
14 8,516,097 Server managing apparatus and server managing method
15 8,516,070 Computer program and method for balancing processing load in storage system, and apparatus for managing storage devices
16 8,516,030 Carry look-ahead circuit and carry look-ahead method
17 8,515,585 Air condition control device and controlling method
18 8,515,437 Wireless resource allocation method, wireless mobile station and wireless base station in wireless communication system
19 8,515,408 Mobile communication terminal and method for navigating series of operations of the mobile communication terminal
20 8,515,405 Communication device
21 8,515,402 Mobile terminal device, communication system, communication program, and control method
22 8,515,291 Light receiving device and light receiving method
23 8,515,288 Optical signal transmission control apparatus and optical signal transmission control method
24 8,515,277 Nonlinear distortion detecting circuit, optical receiver, optical transmission system, and method for detecting nonlinear distortion
25 8,515,175 Storage medium, apparatus and method for recognizing characters in a document image using document recognition
26 8,515,062 Image encryption/decryption apparatus, method and program
27 8,514,967 Sending apparatus, receiving apparatus, sending method, and receiving method
28 8,514,947 Semiconductor device and signal processing method
29 8,514,922 Filter coefficient control apparatus and method
30 8,514,914 IQ imbalance correction method in a wireless communication device including a quadrature modulation/demodulation function
31 8,514,819 Method for controlling handover process between multiple base stations
32 8,514,801 Mobile station, base station, and wireless communication method
33 8,514,788 Radio resource allocation method and telecommunication apparatus
34 8,514,772 Handover method in CDMA mobile communication, base station and mobile station
35 8,514,739 Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
36 8,514,726 Computer product, apparatus, and method for device testing
37 8,514,638 Write control circuit and semiconductor device
38 8,514,632 Semiconductor memory including program circuit of nonvolatile memory cells and system
39 8,514,513 Library apparatus and method for controlling conveying of storage medium
40 8,514,484 Optical amplifier and optical fiber
41 8,514,240 Authentication system, authentication program, and method of authentication
42 8,514,223 Apparatus and method for generating three-dimensional model data
43 8,514,113 Analog-to-digital conversion apparatus and offset voltage correction method
44 8,513,999 Semiconductor device
45 8,513,938 Reference voltage circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
46 8,513,934 Switching device compensation circuit
47 8,513,805 Manufacturing of a semiconductor device and the manufacturing method
48 8,513,800 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
49 8,513,777 Method and apparatus for generating reticle data
50 8,513,776 Semiconductor device and method capable of scribing chips with high yield
51 8,513,537 Printed board and method of manufacturing printed board
52 8,513,528 Cable interconnection structure and electronic apparatus
53 8,513,130 Semiconductor substrate and method of fabricating semiconductor device
54 8,513,100 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
55 8,511,251 Film deposition device and method thereof