Fujitsu patents granted on 20 March 2012

34 US patents granted on 20 March 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,141,095 Recording medium storing data allocation control program, data allocation control device, data allocation control method, and multi-node storage-system
2 8,141,009 Preparing data for hybrid exposure using both electron beam exposure and reticle exposure in lithographic process
3 8,141,006 Photomask data processing method, photomask data processing system and manufacturing method
4 8,140,988 CAD apparatus, method of editing graphic data, and computer product
5 8,140,940 Method and apparatus for controlling memory
6 8,140,918 Clock supply method and information processing apparatus
7 8,140,875 Integrated circuit apparatus
8 8,140,747 Operating method for a memory subsystem and devices for executing the operating method
9 8,140,722 Mobile terminal, character conversion apparatus, character conversion process, computer program, and computer usable medium
10 8,140,244 Driving evaluating apparatus and driving evaluation method
11 8,140,220 In-vehicle apparatus
12 8,140,132 Cover part for electronic equipment and electronic equipment having the same
13 8,140,121 Base station apparatus, communication system and computer program
14 8,140,051 Link establishment method and mobile communication system
15 8,140,018 Communication systems
16 8,139,947 Optical transmission apparatus with clock selector
17 8,139,903 Driving circuit of optical gate switch
18 8,139,895 Image recognition device and image rotating method
19 8,139,852 Color classification method, color recognition method, color classification apparatus, color recognition apparatus, color recognition system, computer program, and recording medium
20 8,139,756 Method, apparatus, and computer product for computing skill value
21 8,139,701 Phase interpolation-based clock and data recovery for differential quadrature phase shift keying
22 8,139,584 Frame transmission device and loop judging method
23 8,139,568 Communication method, communication system, relaying device and communication device
24 8,139,526 Wireless communication systems
25 8,139,501 Relay device, wireless communication system and multicast relay method
26 8,139,438 Semiconductor storage device and memory system
27 8,139,352 Medium drive unit and electronic equipment
28 8,139,285 Raman amplifying device and control method
29 8,139,196 Liquid crystal display element, method of manufacturing the element, and electronic paper having the element
30 8,138,920 Tag reader
31 8,138,844 System and method for crystal oscillator frequency tuning
32 8,138,842 PLL frequency synthesizer
33 8,138,798 Symmetric phase detector
34 8,138,550 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device