Fujitsu patents granted on 20 November 2007

34 US patents granted on 20 November 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,299,443 Method for designing wiring connecting section and semiconductor device
2 7,299,438 Method and apparatus for verifying semiconductor integrated circuits
3 7,299,437 Method and apparatus for detecting timing exception path and computer product
4 7,299,434 Slack value setting method, slack value setting device, and recording medium recording a computer-readable slack value setting program
5 7,299,375 Signal processing apparatus, remote operation system, and signal processing method
6 7,299,302 Direct memory access control apparatus and method
7 7,299,211 Transaction number management method in network commodity sales
8 7,299,072 Apparatus for time division multi-sector wireless LAN
9 7,298,896 Image processing device for optically decoding an image recorded on a medium for digital transmission of the image information
10 7,298,811 Synchronous frequency dividers and components therefor
11 7,298,800 Analog signal control method, analog signal controller, and automatic gain controller
12 7,298,642 Magnetic resistance memory and method of writing data
13 7,298,616 Cooling device capable of reducing thickness of electronic apparatus
14 7,298,605 Electrolytic capacitor
15 7,298,522 Print control system and medium
16 7,298,436 Liquid crystal display substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display device having the same
17 7,298,394 Method and apparatus for processing pictures of mobile object
18 7,298,382 Figure selection method, figure selection device, and storage medium storing figure selection program
19 7,298,359 Notebook computer with detachable infrared multi-mode input device
20 7,298,273 RFID tag
21 7,298,265 RFID tag and method of manufacturing the same
22 7,298,192 Digital DLL device, digital DLL control method, and digital DLL control program
23 7,298,188 Timing adjustment circuit and memory controller
24 7,298,117 Step-up (boost) DC regulator with two-level back-bias switch gate voltage
25 7,298,058 Remote control engine starting device for vehicle
26 7,298,051 Semiconductor element and manufacturing method thereof
27 7,298,050 Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, capacitor structure, and method of manufacturing the same
28 7,297,999 Semiconductor device with capacitors and its manufacture method
29 7,297,996 Semiconductor memory device for storing data in memory cells as complementary information
30 7,297,558 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
31 7,297,028 Cable connector type transceiver module
32 7,296,940 Optical fiber connecting portion structure and light monitor apparatus
33 7,296,738 POS terminal, method of correcting a quantity, and computer-readable storage medium recording therein a program for causing a computer to correct a quantity
34 7,296,471 Acceleration sensor