Fujitsu patents granted on 20 November 2012

24 US patents granted on 20 November 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,316,328 Apparatus for manufacturing a photomask
2 8,316,026 Method and system for keyword management
3 8,316,014 Recording medium storing information attachment program, information attachment apparatus, and information attachment method
4 8,315,987 Database management apparatus and recording medium with database management program recorded thereon
5 8,315,873 Sentence reading aloud apparatus, control method for controlling the same, and control program for controlling the same
6 8,315,869 Speech recognition apparatus, speech recognition method, and recording medium storing speech recognition program
7 8,315,846 Design data merging apparatus and design data merging method
8 8,315,843 Multi-objective optimal design support device, method and program storage medium
9 8,315,785 Data communication device, data communication system, and recording medium
10 8,315,612 Terminal device, communication processing method and phone-book management method
11 8,315,529 Optical receiver
12 8,315,508 Inter-GOP management apparatus
13 8,315,418 Sound receiver
14 8,315,391 Information access system, reader/writer device and contactless information storage device
15 8,315,295 Method and apparatus for designing modulation and coding set of communication system
16 8,315,259 Base station, apparatus, and mobile station
17 8,315,223 Mobile station, base station and radio communication method
18 8,315,161 Network design device and network design method
19 8,314,645 Signal processing device
20 8,314,599 DC/DC converter control circuit and DC/DC converter control method
21 8,314,339 Circuit board with kneaded conductive paste
22 8,313,892 Multi-layer body, method for forming resist pattern, method for manufacturing device having pattern by fine processing and electronic device
23 8,313,726 Gas generator and gas generation method
24 8,312,731 Refrigeration apparatus and method for controlling the same