Fujitsu patents granted on 20 October 2009

31 US patents granted on 20 October 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,607,049 Apparatus and method for detecting network failure location
2 7,606,971 Storage control apparatus and external storage apparatus
3 7,606,967 Frame transfer method and apparatus
4 7,606,958 Interrupt control method, interrupt control apparatus and interrupt control medium
5 7,606,702 Speech decoder, speech decoding method, program and storage media to improve voice clarity by emphasizing voice tract characteristics using estimated formants
6 7,606,628 Design and manufacturing management system, method, and program
7 7,606,569 Wireless terminal for selecting optimal base station from among plural base stations
8 7,606,560 Authentication services using mobile device
9 7,606,553 Information processing apparatus with antenna switching function, communication apparatus, antenna switching control unit and computer-readable recording medium recording antenna switching control program
10 7,606,504 Optical receiver and optical receiving method corresponding to differential M-phase shift keying system
11 7,606,488 Wavelength-division-multiplexing optical transmission system and control method thereof
12 7,606,260 Virtual path configuration apparatus, virtual path configuration method, and computer product
13 7,606,224 Transmission apparatus for making ring switching at SONET/SDH and RPR levels
14 7,606,129 Disk controlling apparatus and computer product
15 7,606,003 Electrical device for interconnecting magnetic head and driving circuit which uses adjusted length wires of opposite polarity to reduce crosstalk and storage apparatus including same
16 7,605,998 Settling judgment method for positioning control device, positioning control device and disk apparatus
17 7,605,997 Head-gap calculating device, storage device, head-gap calculating method, and computer product
18 7,605,878 Panel unit capable of avoiding contact between electrically conductive bodies thereon
19 7,605,874 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
20 7,605,745 On-vehicle radar device and on-vehicle radar device control system
21 7,605,523 Piezoelectric device, its manufacturing method, and touch panel device
22 7,605,436 Manufacture of semiconductor device having insulation film of high dielectric constant
23 7,605,041 Semiconductor device and its manufacture method
24 7,605,021 Manufacturing method of electronic device
25 7,605,007 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
26 7,604,912 Local flare correction
27 7,604,889 Liquid fuel cell system
28 7,604,879 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus
29 7,604,510 High speed transmission connector
30 7,604,388 Light-guiding plate, lighting device and display device
31 7,604,152 Method for manufacturing a printed circuit board for electronic devices and an electronic device using the same