Fujitsu patents granted on 20 October 2015

40 US patents granted on 20 October 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,167,603 System and method for optimized access messaging in a wireless network
2 9,167,598 Base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, radio communication method, and radio communication system
3 9,167,492 Cell handover and activation in heterogeneous networks
4 9,167,441 Network analysis method, information processing device, and storage medium
5 9,167,387 Electronic device, information distribution system, computer readable medium, and position dependent information providing method
6 9,167,320 Transmission method and node device
7 9,167,319 Optical packet switching system
8 9,167,254 Video encoding method and apparatus, and video decoding apparatus
9 9,167,175 Flicker detection method and flicker detection apparatus
10 9,167,077 Surge protection circuit and communication apparatus
11 9,166,915 Communication device, communication method, and recording medium
12 9,166,868 Distributed control plane for link aggregation
13 9,166,815 Communication apparatus and communication controlling method in ring network
14 9,166,800 Authentication method, authentication system, and authentication chip using common key cryptography
15 9,166,785 Cryptography processing device and cryptography processing method
16 9,166,771 Reception circuit
17 9,166,739 Error correction processing circuit and error correction processing method
18 9,166,727 Optical communication system, optical network management apparatus and optical network management method
19 9,166,724 Optical network and optical path setup method
20 9,166,679 Optical amplification apparatus, method for controlling same, optical receiver station, and optical transmission system
21 9,166,480 Insulation-type power factor correction circuit
22 9,166,349 Power strip and electrical power measurement system
23 9,166,031 Semiconductor device
24 9,166,030 Compound semiconductor device and method for fabricating
25 9,165,851 Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, power supply apparatus and high-frequency amplification unit
26 9,165,827 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
27 9,165,346 Method and apparatus for reducing image noise
28 9,165,343 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
29 9,165,166 Interpolation circuit and receiving circuit
30 9,165,024 Management apparatus and management method
31 9,165,020 String substitution apparatus, string substitution method and storage medium
32 9,164,980 Name identification rule generating apparatus and name identification rule generating method
33 9,164,953 Scheduling in a multicore architecture
34 9,164,907 Information processing apparatus, parallel computer system, and control method for selectively caching data
35 9,164,885 Storage control device, storage control method, and recording medium
36 9,164,883 Parallel processing device
37 9,164,838 Disk array device and disk array device control method
38 9,164,824 Information processing apparatus and operation status monitoring method
39 9,164,823 Resetting a peripheral driver and prohibiting writing into a register retaining data to be written into a peripheral on exceeding a predetermined time period
40 9,162,497 Printer