Fujitsu patents granted on 21 April 2009

44 US patents granted on 21 April 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D590,824 Personal computer
2 7,523,427 Timing analyzer apparatus and timing analysis program recording medium
3 7,523,402 Information processing apparatus, a display control method of the information processing apparatus, a storage medium and its program performing a plural window display
4 7,523,358 Hardware error control method in an instruction control apparatus having an instruction processing suspension unit
5 7,523,354 Disk controller having path obstruction determination function
6 7,523,347 RAID control apparatus, and RAID control program and RAID control method
7 7,523,339 Information processing apparatus and media storage apparatus using the same
8 7,523,326 Method and apparatus for maintaining a suspension state after powering down and fully powering down upon expiration of a timer or low battery level
9 7,523,025 Host terminal emulator
10 7,522,843 Optical repeater converting wavelength and bit rate between networks
11 7,522,839 Method of upgrading optical node, and an optical node apparatus
12 7,522,838 Distribution components for a wavelength-sharing network
13 7,522,824 Photographing apparatus photographing method and computer program
14 7,522,804 Structured shelf
15 7,522,788 Optical module and method of manufacturing the same
16 7,522,783 Optical interconnect apparatuses and electro-optic modulators for processing systems
17 7,522,647 Semiconductor laser and method of fabricating the same
18 7,522,625 Processing method of fragmented packet and packet transfer equipment using the same
19 7,522,617 Inter-node connection method and apparatus
20 7,522,561 Outer-loop power control device and method thereof
21 7,522,539 Network management system and transmission apparatus managed by the network management system
22 7,522,533 Optical transmission apparatus having path trace function
23 7,522,525 L2 switch
24 7,522,499 Recording method and apparatus for optical recording medium with a laminated structure having ROM and RAM layers
25 7,522,418 Electronic equipment and rack apparatus
26 7,522,410 Protective case for portable computer
27 7,522,364 Control circuit for information storage device
28 7,522,363 Medium storage device and medium rotation synchronization processing method for medium storage device
29 7,522,361 Method for detecting signal used when reading information from storage device
30 7,522,360 Flying height measurement apparatus and method therefor
31 7,522,199 Imaging device with light-shielding region, control method thereof and CMOS image sensor with light-shielding region
32 7,522,156 Optical scanning-type touch panel
33 7,522,129 Plasma display device
34 7,522,113 Planar antenna
35 7,522,104 Antenna and wireless apparatus
36 7,522,021 Surface acoustic wave apparatus
37 7,521,867 Plasma display panel and method of driving and plasma display apparatus
38 7,521,765 Semiconductor device
39 7,521,761 Variable layout structure for producing CMOS circuit
40 7,521,745 Semiconductor device reducing leakage across a ferroelectric layer
41 7,521,349 Fundamental cell, semiconductor integrated circuit device, wiring method and wiring apparatus
42 7,521,343 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
43 7,521,325 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
44 7,521,135 Recording medium and method of making the same