Fujitsu patents granted on 21 April 2015

32 US patents granted on 21 April 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,015,830 Verification apparatus and verification method
2 9,015,535 Information processing apparatus having memory dump function, memory dump method, and recording medium
3 9,015,517 Information processing apparatus and time-of-day control method
4 9,015,434 Storage system, and apparatus and method for controlling storage
5 9,015,385 Data storage device and method of controlling data storage device
6 9,015,369 Data transferring apparatus and data transferring method
7 9,015,364 Data transfer control apparatus, data transfer control method, and computer product
8 9,015,218 Random number generator, encryption device, and authentication device
9 9,015,124 Replication system and method of rebuilding replication configuration
10 9,015,095 Neural network designing method and digital-to-analog fitting method
11 9,014,942 Idling stop device and idling stop control method
12 9,014,735 Base station and interference reduction method in base station
13 9,014,709 Wireless communication system, management device, and mobile terminal unit
14 9,014,575 Sampling clock synchronizing apparatus, digital coherent receiving apparatus, and sampling clock synchronizing method
15 9,014,572 Optical transmitter, control method for the same, and optical transmission system
16 9,014,570 Optical transmitter and method for optical signal waveform compensation
17 9,014,569 Optical node and optical communication method
18 9,014,559 Methods for efficient transmission in OTN networks
19 9,014,418 Digital watermark embedding apparatus and method, and digital watermark detecting apparatus and method
20 9,014,274 Video image encoding device, video image encoding method
21 9,014,218 Signal transmission system, signal transmission method, transmitting device and receiving device
22 9,014,157 Radio network system
23 9,014,120 Method of resource allocation, system and transmitter
24 9,014,088 System and method for delivering data in an intermittent communication environment
25 9,013,977 Method and system for reducing traffic disturbance in a communication network caused by intermittent failure
26 9,013,914 Semiconductor memory device and method for controlling semiconductor memory device
27 9,013,894 Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
28 9,013,271 Biometric authentication apparatus and method
29 9,013,048 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
30 9,012,285 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
31 9,010,648 Antenna and RFID tag
32 9,010,615 Bonding apparatus and bonding method