Fujitsu patents granted on 21 August 2007

21 US patents granted on 21 August 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,260,806 Printed wiring board design aiding apparatus, printed wiring board design aiding method, and printed wiring board design aiding program
2 7,260,793 Apparatus and method for test-stimuli compaction
3 7,260,791 Integrated circuit designing system, method and program
4 7,260,710 Initializing function block registers using value supplying setting interface coupled to table linking block identifier to multiple register address set
5 7,260,605 Message display method and information exchange system and storage medium
6 7,260,404 Base station control apparatus and frequency allocation method for same
7 7,260,398 Mobile communication system for performing hand-off based on communication resources in base stations
8 7,260,326 Wavelength-division multiplex system and a method of automatically setting conversion wavelengths of such a system
9 7,260,246 Pattern-center determination apparatus and method as well as medium on which pattern-center determination program is recorded, and pattern-orientation determination apparatus and method as well as medium on which pattern-orientation determination program is recorded, as well as pattern alignment apparatus and pattern verification apparatus
10 7,260,091 Transmission equipment having a packet switching function
11 7,260,027 Optical storage medium in which sector address information is recorded using MSR techniques
12 7,259,970 Substrate, connecting structure and electronic equipment
13 7,259,937 Magnetic recording device having a head slider utilizing a water-repellant resin lubricant having specified surface tension properties
14 7,259,932 Magnetic disk unit
15 7,259,891 Image compression method, decompression method thereof and program therefor
16 7,259,754 Pen sensor coordinate narrowing method and apparatus
17 7,259,726 Compact loop antenna for inductive read/write apparatus
18 7,259,416 Semiconductor device having a conductive plug
19 7,258,893 Method of fabricating a magnetic recording medium
20 7,258,599 Polishing machine, workpiece supporting table pad, polishing method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
21 7,258,151 Manufacturing method and apparatus for magnetic head sliders