Fujitsu patents granted on 21 August 2012

37 US patents granted on 21 August 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,250,545 Associated apparatus and method for supporting development of semiconductor device
2 8,250,510 Jitter amount estimating method, method for calculating correlation between amount of simultaneously operating signal noise and jitter amount, and recording medium
3 8,250,504 Designing method of semiconductor integrated circuit
4 8,250,501 Dynamic reconfiguration computer product, apparatus, and method
5 8,250,446 Decoder device and decoding method
6 8,250,217 System and method for handling session management in a communication system
7 8,249,882 Decoding apparatus and decoding method
8 8,249,850 Method and an apparatus for executing simulation for system performance evaluation
9 8,249,849 Power source network analyzing apparatus, power source network analyzing method, and power source network analyzing program
10 8,249,833 Apparatus and method for verifying model-design, and program thereof
11 8,249,767 Eco-drive assist apparatus and method
12 8,249,609 Radio resource allocation method and radio station
13 8,249,599 Terminal, random access signal transmission method, and base station
14 8,249,466 Polarization multiplexing optical receiver and polarization multiplexing optical transmission system
15 8,249,465 Light transmitting apparatus and method for controlling the same
16 8,249,464 Optical receiver and method for optical reception
17 8,249,453 Optical communication system
18 8,249,351 Recording medium for recording logical structure model creation assistance program, logical structure model creation assistance device and logical structure model creation assistance method
19 8,249,293 Method, apparatus and computer-readable recording medium for obtaining information
20 8,249,270 Sound signal correcting method, sound signal correcting apparatus and computer program
21 8,249,229 Communication terminal, and dial registration method and dial registration program therefor
22 8,249,223 Relay apparatus and memory product
23 8,249,108 Frame generating method
24 8,249,107 Method and apparatus for frame relay
25 8,249,098 Communication device and communication method thereof with allocation processing
26 8,249,073 Method and system for forwarding and switching over protected paths
27 8,249,001 Base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, and method of assigning subcarriers
28 8,248,837 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and reading method of nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
29 8,248,689 Distributed Raman amplifying system, start-up method thereof, and optical device
30 8,248,573 Liquid crystal display element and multi-layer liquid crystal display element including the element
31 8,248,240 RFID tag and manufacturing method thereof
32 8,248,046 DC-DC converter for pulse frequency modulation control and power supply system
33 8,248,043 Control circuit for DC-DC converter, control method for DC-DC converter, and electronic device
34 8,247,323 Semiconductor device
35 8,247,290 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
36 8,247,284 Manufacture of semiconductor device with stress structure
37 8,247,283 Manufacture of semiconductor device with stress structure