Fujitsu patents granted on 21 December 2010

29 US patents granted on 21 December 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,856,608 Method and apparatus for generating current source noise model for creating semiconductor device model used in power supply noise analysis
2 7,856,595 Structured document compressing apparatus and method, record medium in which a structured document compressing program is stored, structured document decompressing apparatus and method, record medium in which a structured document decompressing program is stored, and structured document processing system
3 7,856,412 Reliability evaluation program and reliability evaluation device
4 7,856,173 Shooting device for electrical image stabilizing using relationship between stabilization information and shooting condition
5 7,856,117 Image processing apparatus
6 7,856,074 Signal processing system
7 7,856,069 Distortion compensation apparatus
8 7,856,023 Secure virtual private network having a gateway for managing global ip address and identification of devices
9 7,856,021 Packet transfer method and apparatus
10 7,856,018 Provisioning point-to-multipoint paths
11 7,856,016 Access control method, access control system, and packet communication apparatus
12 7,855,990 Radio communication system and method enabling transmission of packets to radio terminal in parallel via first and second radio base stations among radio stations, and radio terminal
13 7,855,971 Interface device and topology formation method
14 7,855,875 Image display device and electronic apparatus
15 7,855,781 Optical device
16 7,855,667 Semiconductor device and method of controlling the same
17 7,855,601 Semiconductor device
18 7,855,596 Demodulation circuit
19 7,855,580 Phase comparator, phase synchronizing circuit, and phase-comparison control method
20 7,855,572 Semiconductor integrated circuit device operating frequency determining apparatus, determining method and computer-readable information recording medium
21 7,855,458 Electronic component
22 7,855,450 Circuit module
23 7,855,402 Compound semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
24 7,855,377 Alignment structures for an optical assembly
25 7,855,161 Photocatalytic fiber and fabric using thereof, and fabric product using the fabric
26 7,855,067 Microinjection equipment
27 7,855,035 Exposure mask, manufacturing method of electronic device, and checking method of exposure mask
28 7,854,832 Signal processing device and control unit
29 7,854,787 Method of removing coating from coated magnesium alloy product, method of making recycled magnesium alloy and method of recycling coating