Fujitsu patents granted on 21 July 2009

34 US patents granted on 21 July 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,565,666 Disk autochanger
2 7,565,629 Information processing apparatus
3 7,565,573 Data-duplication control apparatus
4 7,565,556 System and method for providing a circuitry management service
5 7,565,518 Semiconductor device and method of controlling the semiconductor device
6 7,565,474 Computer system using serial connect bus, and method for interconnecting a plurality of CPU using serial connect bus
7 7,565,214 Audio system for playing back recorded information by remote transmission
8 7,565,188 Superconducting filter device having disk resonators embedded in depressions of a substrate and method of producing the same
9 7,565,047 Optical waveguide structure, optical module and lens array
10 7,565,044 Optical module method of manufacturing the same
11 7,564,921 DC offset correction apparatus and method
12 7,564,883 Optical semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
13 7,564,837 Recording medium recording a network shutdown control program, and network shutdown device
14 7,564,817 Multicast communication method, home agent, and mobile node
15 7,564,780 Time constrained failure recovery in communication networks
16 7,564,778 Method of and control node for detecting failure
17 7,564,773 Optical disk including address data recording region formed with paired wobbling sections of identical phase
18 7,564,768 Recording and reproducing apparatus
19 7,564,761 Recording and reproducing device
20 7,564,736 Semiconductor memory and system
21 7,564,650 Head apparatus having a slider with first and second positive pressure parts and a negative pressure part and disc drive having the same
22 7,564,648 Magnetic film for magnetic device
23 7,564,647 Filtering device for a magnetic disc apparatus
24 7,564,646 Recording medium drive including electrostatic actuator between head slider and recording medium
25 7,564,643 Head position control device and medium storage device
26 7,564,641 Controller-characteristic changing apparatus, storage device, controller-characteristic changing method, and computer product
27 7,564,637 Storage media having areas for storing data for correcting servo information errors
28 7,564,407 Directivity control apparatus of array antenna and directivity controlling method
29 7,564,174 Acoustic wave device and filter
30 7,564,111 Imaging apparatus
31 7,564,061 Field effect transistor and production method thereof
32 7,563,729 Method of forming a dielectric film
33 7,563,343 Film lamination apparatus and method and a manufacturing method of a semiconductor apparatus
34 7,562,434 Method of assembling a carriage assembly