Fujitsu patents granted on 21 June 2016

30 US patents granted on 21 June 2016 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,374,849 Node and link formation method
2 9,374,794 Apparatus and method for adjusting a reference timing
3 9,374,412 Information processing apparatus, information acquiring method, and computer readable recording medium in which information acquisition program is stored
4 9,374,256 Transmitter and method for reducing peak-to-average power ratio
5 9,374,249 Receiving apparatus and equalization processing method
6 9,374,234 Method of controlling information processing apparatus and information processing apparatus
7 9,374,223 Methods and apparatus for including a confidential structural component in a third party remote product simulation
8 9,374,170 Optical receiving device
9 9,374,168 Thermal tuning of optical devices
10 9,374,163 Optical waveguide substrate and information processing device
11 9,374,138 Downlink precoding method and data interacting method for coordinated multi-point transmission system and apparatus
12 9,374,065 Variable inductor circuit and high frequency circuit
13 9,373,920 Connector including module that includes molded part insert-molded with contacts each including first contact part, second contact part, and body that extends between first and second contact parts and includes spring portion greater in width than first and second contact parts
14 9,373,676 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
15 9,373,626 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
16 9,373,454 Key switch and keyboard
17 9,373,372 Register file device
18 9,373,151 Image processing device and image processing method
19 9,373,047 Biometric authentication device, biometric authentication system, and biometric authentication method
20 9,372,975 Secure recording and sharing system of voice memo
21 9,372,831 Remote starter
22 9,372,830 System and method to analyze impairment of optical transmissions due to combined nonlinear and polarization dependent loss
23 9,372,763 Storage control device and storage control method
24 9,372,714 Information terminal apparatus and method for switching control of a user interface between concurrently executing operating systems
25 9,372,703 Simulation apparatus and simulation method
26 9,372,567 Display device, display method, and recording medium storing display program
27 9,372,523 Calculating amount of power consumed by a user’s application in multi-user computing environment basing upon counters information
28 9,372,506 Electronic device
29 9,372,261 Radar device and method of processing signal
30 9,372,087 Method of providing destination information, destination-information providing apparatus and storage medium