Fujitsu patents granted on 21 March 2006

26 US patents granted on 21 March 2006 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,017,157 Method and system for recording operating system call information
2 7,017,133 Designing a semiconductor device layout using polishing regions
3 7,017,016 Distributed processing system
4 7,016,908 File processing method, data processing apparatus and storage medium
5 7,016,878 Content sales period verifying system and content decryption key effective period verifying system
6 7,016,863 Marketing system and method processing market information of consumers and dealers via a network
7 7,016,831 Voice code conversion apparatus
8 7,016,608 Optical network units preconfigured to accept predetermined subsets of wavelengths
9 7,016,535 Pattern identification apparatus, pattern identification method, and pattern identification program
10 7,016,399 Receiving apparatus including adaptive beamformers
11 7,016,366 Packet switch that converts variable length packets to fixed length packets and uses fewer QOS categories in the input queues that in the outout queues
12 7,016,238 Semiconductor memory device
13 7,016,181 Information processing apparatus having magnesium body and printed circuit board
14 7,016,158 Recording medium drive
15 7,016,149 Recording magnetic head and magnetic storage device using the same
16 7,016,144 Robot hand for transferring an article in a housing, and a library apparatus equipped with the robot hand for transferring and article stored in a rack
17 7,016,096 Transmission wavelength characteristics variable optical element, and wavelength characteristics variable apparatus, optical amplifier, and optical transmission system, using same
18 7,016,077 Color image processing apparatus and method, and computer-readable recording medium in which color image processing program is recorded
19 7,015,905 Capacitive load driving circuit driving capacitive loads such as pixels in plasma display panels and plasma display apparatus having the capacitive load driving circuit
20 7,015,632 Light source device, method of producing the same, and display apparatus
21 7,015,579 Semiconductor device for fingerprint recognition
22 7,015,498 Quantum optical semiconductor device
23 7,015,109 Interdigital capacitor and method for adjusting the same
24 7,014,532 Lapping machine, lapping method, and method of manufacturing magnetic head
25 7,014,487 Connector capable of preventing abrasion
26 7,014,484 Electronic apparatus, and function expanding unit that expands functions of the electronic apparatus