Fujitsu patents granted on 21 May 2013

43 US patents granted on 21 May 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,448,223 Security management program, security management method, and portable terminal device
2 8,448,217 Computer program, method, and system for access control
3 8,448,174 Information processing device, information processing method, and recording medium
4 8,448,172 Controlling parallel execution of plural simulation programs
5 8,448,168 Recording medium having virtual machine managing program recorded therein and managing server device
6 8,448,125 Method and apparatus for checking current density limitation
7 8,448,047 Storage device, storage control device, data transfer intergrated circuit, and storage control method
8 8,448,031 Computer product and apparatus for failure diagnosis support
9 8,448,028 System monitoring method and system monitoring device
10 8,448,019 Processor, information processing apparatus, and method of controlling processor
11 8,447,959 Multithread processor and method of controlling multithread processor
12 8,447,927 Storage system, control device and storage device
13 8,447,727 Distributed processing device, and storage medium storing distributed processing program
14 8,447,572 Assembling manipulability evaluation apparatus, method, and program
15 8,447,371 Mobile terminal device
16 8,447,334 Network control device and network control method
17 8,447,262 Emergency call code information acquiring system
18 8,447,256 Digital voltage-controlled attenuator
19 8,447,253 Radio communication system
20 8,447,246 System and method for a multi-band transmitter
21 8,447,190 Distortion compensating apparatus, optical receiving apparatus, and optical transmitting and receiving system
22 8,447,186 Distortion compensator, optical receiver, distortion compensator and optical receiver controlling methods, and optical transmission system
23 8,447,182 Multi-wavelength transponder with wavelength division multiplexing modules
24 8,447,159 Stream recording apparatus
25 8,447,113 Character area extracting device, imaging device having character area extracting function, recording medium saving character area extracting programs, and character area extracting method
26 8,446,978 Communication system
27 8,446,930 Impulse radio communication device
28 8,446,860 Apparatus and method for network access device localization on a wireless network
29 8,446,853 Communication control apparatus, mobile terminal apparatus, and radio communication method
30 8,446,852 System and method for selecting an access link in a multi-hop relay network
31 8,446,841 Communicating information between core and edge network elements
32 8,446,719 Shock-absorbing device, storage medium holding device, and system for enclosing storage medium
33 8,446,708 Solid electrolytic capacitor and power circuit
34 8,446,382 Information processing apparatus and input control method
35 8,446,235 Electromagnetic relay and method of manufacturing the same
36 8,446,205 Mixer circuit and method for adjusting common voltage of mixer circuit
37 8,446,152 Printed circuit board test assisting apparatus, printed circuit board test assisting method, and computer-readable information recording medium
38 8,446,020 Multi-chip module
39 8,445,906 Method for sorting and acquiring semiconductor element, method for producing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
40 8,445,262 Method for evaluating analyte
41 8,444,799 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and surface protective tape
42 8,444,054 Information access system and method for accessing information in contactless information storage devices
43 8,443,781 Control apparatus and control method for internal combustion engine