Fujitsu patents granted on 21 October 2008

34 US patents granted on 21 October 2008 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE40,547 Software reproduction apparatus
2 D579,094 Air conditioner
3 7,441,221 Method and apparatus for generating design information, and computer product
4 7,441,217 Method and apparatus for creating simplified false-path description on false path, and computer product
5 7,441,181 Automatic information input program
6 7,441,139 Skew adjusting circuit and method for parallel signals
7 7,441,050 Data processing system, data processing method, computer-readable storage medium, and disk drive
8 7,441,034 Communication device implementing a retransmitting function, program and medium
9 7,441,009 Computer system and storage virtualizer
10 7,440,761 Communication relay method and device
11 7,440,743 IP telephone system for saving power of mobile telephone
12 7,440,670 Retention release auxiliary device for optical connector and printed circuit board device
13 7,440,649 Wavelength selective switch module
14 7,440,648 Wavelength selective switch
15 7,440,618 Apparatus for extracting rules line from multiple-valued image
16 7,440,518 Phase-locked loop circuit
17 7,440,470 Multicasting in a high-speed switching environment
18 7,440,397 Protection that automatic and speedily restore of Ethernet ring network
19 7,440,305 Semiconductor storage device with bit line structure disconnected in the middle of the array for reducing power consumption
20 7,440,267 Electronic apparatus
21 7,440,233 Magnetic recording medium and information reproducing apparatus
22 7,440,218 Charge remover for magnetic disk
23 7,440,073 Substrate for liquid crystal display device and liquid crystal display device having the same
24 7,439,941 White balance correction circuit and correction method for display apparatus that displays color image by controlling number of emissions or intensity thereof in accordance with plurality of primary color video signals
25 7,439,905 Radar apparatus
26 7,439,822 Waveguide substrate having two slit-like couplings and high-frequency circuit module
27 7,439,781 Power detection circuit for non-contact IC card or RFID tag
28 7,439,705 Diagnosis method, power supply control device, electronic apparatus, battery pack and computer-readable storage medium
29 7,439,199 Capacitive element, method of manufacture of the same, and semiconductor device
30 7,439,184 Method of making comb-teeth electrode pair
31 7,439,010 Alkali-soluble siloxane polymer, positive type resist composition, resist pattern, process for forming the same, electronic device and process for manufacturing the same
32 7,438,565 Connector
33 7,438,479 Optical receptacle, optical sub assembly and optical transceiver
34 7,438,230 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing program