Fujitsu patents granted on 21 October 2014

40 US patents granted on 21 October 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D715,909 Outdoor unit for air conditioner
2 8,869,161 Characterization and assignment of workload requirements to resources based on predefined categories of resource utilization and resource availability
3 8,869,113 Software architecture for validating C++ programs using symbolic execution
4 8,869,092 Wiring inspection apparatus and wiring inspection method
5 8,868,997 Data transfer method
6 8,868,990 Semiconductor memory device and information processing apparatus including the same
7 8,868,864 Storage apparatus and storage apparatus control method
8 8,868,832 Memory control device and cache memory controlling method
9 8,868,805 Storage device and control method for storage device
10 8,868,750 Information processing device, computer system and program
11 8,868,729 Information collection device, information collection program, and method
12 8,868,583 Similarity calculation apparatus
13 8,868,388 Contact defining device, contact defining method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
14 8,867,983 Method and apparatus for controlling a relay station in a multi-hop relay network
15 8,867,927 Optical transmitting apparatus, optical receiving apparatus, and optical communication system comprising them
16 8,867,922 Control device of node transferring signal light
17 8,867,892 Method and apparatus for camera motion analysis in video
18 8,867,848 Display test device, display test method, and storage medium
19 8,867,681 Transmission system, transmission device, and clock synchronization method
20 8,867,677 Demodulation device
21 8,867,546 Communication path control technique
22 8,867,444 Wireless communication system, transmitting device and receiving device
23 8,867,402 Apparatus and method for generating topology tree
24 8,867,396 Method and system for last gasp device identification
25 8,867,369 Input/output connection device, information processing device, and method for inspecting input/output device
26 8,867,354 Transmission control method, transmission control system, communication device and recording medium of transmission control program
27 8,867,293 Semiconductor memory device changing refresh interval depending on temperature
28 8,867,221 Lid opening and closing device and storage apparatus
29 8,867,203 Locking device, electronic device, and locking method
30 8,866,853 Information processing apparatus, information processing method and medium for storing information processing program
31 8,866,820 Outline font compression method and outline font decompression method
32 8,866,647 Computer product, information processing apparatus, and information search apparatus
33 8,866,562 Signal converter including a conductive patch for converting signals between a hollow waveguide and a dielectric waveguide and method of manufacture
34 8,866,312 Semiconductor apparatus, method for manufacturing the same and electric device
35 8,866,270 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device mounting structure
36 8,866,157 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the semiconductor device
37 8,865,588 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
38 8,865,546 Method for manufacturing a non-volatile semiconductor memory device having contact plug formed on silicided source/drain region
39 8,865,536 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
40 8,863,376 Connector removing jig and connector removing method using the same