Fujitsu patents granted on 22 April 2014

65 US patents granted on 22 April 2014 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,707,307 Creating jobs by replacing execution attributes within job definition when a job activation request is received with execution attributes based on predetermined conditions being satisfied
2 8,707,109 Computer apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable medium storing an error recovery control program, and error recovery control method
3 8,707,102 Method and program for verifying operation of processor
4 8,707,097 Information processing apparatus, control apparatus, and method
5 8,707,089 Storage control device for formatting to storage media, storage control method for formatting to storage media, and medium for storing storage control program for formatting to storage media
6 8,707,067 Power supply controlling system, control method for power supply controlling system, and power supply controlling apparatus
7 8,707,057 Data processing apparatus and data processing method
8 8,707,014 Arithmetic processing unit and control method for cache hit check instruction execution
9 8,707,010 Switch, information processing apparatus, and address translation method
10 8,706,997 Storage device, access control program recording medium, and control method of storage device
11 8,706,945 Memory control device
12 8,706,930 KVM switch, method for controlling the same, switching system for multi-monitor, and switching method for multi-monitor
13 8,706,922 Information processing apparatus, KVM switch, server, and computer readable medium
14 8,706,882 Apparatus and method for allocating devices to a communication route
15 8,706,853 Content processing apparatus, content processing method, and recording medium
16 8,706,838 Testing apparatus, testing method and computer-readable storage medium
17 8,706,508 Audio decoding apparatus and audio decoding method performing weighted addition on signals
18 8,706,465 Support system enabling a design of an electronic device including an input device utilizing elasticity and method thereof
19 8,706,396 Electronic apparatus and electronic system
20 8,706,315 Cooling controlling apparatus, electronic apparatus, and cooling controlling method
21 8,705,984 Optical transmission apparatus and method for controlling variable optical attenuator
22 8,705,981 Driver circuit of optical modulator
23 8,705,974 Optical transmission system and optical transmission method
24 8,705,961 Optical packet switching system and optical packet transmitter device
25 8,705,959 Optical network designing device, method, and program
26 8,705,958 Optical packet switching apparatus, optical packet switching system, and optical packet in-line amplifier apparatus
27 8,705,916 Optical module, optical module connector, and optical deflection member
28 8,705,883 Noise reduction device and noise reduction method
29 8,705,871 Form image managing system and method
30 8,705,742 Data compression apparatus and data decompression apparatus
31 8,705,590 Code generating apparatus, reference signal generating apparatus, and methods thereof
32 8,705,583 Semiconductor laser
33 8,705,570 Communication device and communication method
34 8,705,555 Route control method and route control system
35 8,705,551 Method and system for management of flood traffic over multiple 0:N link aggregation groups
36 8,705,514 Apparatus for controlling a transfer destination of a packet originating from a virtual machine
37 8,705,485 Wireless communication system, terminal apparatus, and communication method
38 8,705,480 Communications apparatus and communications system using multicarrier transmission mode
39 8,705,479 Communications apparatus and communications system using multicarrier transmission mode
40 8,705,465 Connection processing method in wireless communication system, wireless base station, and wireless terminal
41 8,705,458 Wireless communication systems
42 8,705,373 Apparatus and method for packet forwarding
43 8,705,296 Memory controller and control method
44 8,705,236 Loop heat pipe and electronic apparatus
45 8,705,197 Information processing apparatus, protection method and medium storing protection program
46 8,705,168 Signal light monitoring apparatus, optical amplification apparatus and optical reception apparatus, and signal light monitoring method
47 8,705,167 System and method for compensating for polarization dependent loss
48 8,704,954 Signal output device and signal output method
49 8,704,757 Input system and input apparatus
50 8,704,685 Encoding method, encoding apparatus, decoding method, decoding apparatus, and system
51 8,704,656 Improvements to body area networks
52 8,704,632 In-vehicle system, in-vehicle device, and execution control method of command of the in-vehicle device
53 8,704,621 Electromagnetic relay
54 8,704,584 Output driver device for integrated circuit
55 8,704,564 PLL circuit
56 8,704,410 Semiconductor device
57 8,704,311 Semiconductor device having epitaxial semiconductor layer above impurity layer
58 8,704,273 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same, and amplifier
59 8,704,106 Ferroelectric component and manufacturing the same
60 8,703,606 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having a wiring structure
61 8,703,596 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
62 8,703,569 MOS transistor, manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device
63 8,702,826 Abrasive agent, method for producing abrasive agents, and electronic device
64 8,702,329 Label printer
65 8,701,488 Electronic component analyzing apparatus and method