Fujitsu patents granted on 22 February 2011

30 US patents granted on 22 February 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,895,553 Verification support method and apparatus, and computer product
2 7,895,492 Pseudorandom number generator, semiconductor integrated circuit, pseudorandom number generator control apparatus, pseudorandom number generator control method, and computer product
3 7,895,484 Semiconductor device, memory system and control method of the semiconductor device
4 7,895,476 Data relay device, storage device and data-relay method
5 7,895,420 System and method for eliminating common subexpressions in a linear system
6 7,895,375 Data transfer apparatus and data transfer method
7 7,895,366 Information transmission device and information transmission method
8 7,895,294 Multimedia system and navigation unit terminal
9 7,895,140 Neural network learning device, method, and program
10 7,894,804 Communication device and method for controlling
11 7,894,691 Mounting configuration and method of optical waveguide holding member
12 7,894,469 Generic SONET/SDH time slot selection algorithm
13 7,894,439 Communication device in a virtual private network using a multi protocol label switch
14 7,894,428 Packet relay device
15 7,894,360 Trouble-factor detecting device, trouble-factor detecting method, and computer product
16 7,894,221 Detection circuit
17 7,894,092 Computer-readable recording medium storing print image generating program and print image generating method
18 7,894,081 Configuration recognizing system, configuration recognizing method, and computer readable medium storing configuration recognizing program of device
19 7,893,864 Radar apparatus and control method of the same
20 7,893,760 Amplifier circuit
21 7,893,735 Reset circuit and system having reset circuit
22 7,893,596 Micro movable element and micro movable element array
23 7,893,508 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
24 7,893,473 Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
25 7,893,472 Ferroelectric memory device, ferroelectric memory manufacturing method, and semiconductor manufacturing method
26 7,892,969 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
27 7,892,933 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
28 7,892,916 Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
29 7,892,871 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with quantum dots formed by self-assembled growth
30 7,891,869 Temperature sensor circuit and calibration method thereof