Fujitsu patents granted on 22 March 2011

56 US patents granted on 22 March 2011 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,913,220 Coordinated-design supporting apparatus, coordinated-design supporting method, computer product, and printed-circuit-board manufacturing method
2 7,913,212 Method for determining a length of shielding of a semiconductor integrated circuit wiring
3 7,913,211 Logic cell configuration processing method and program
4 7,913,195 Method for creating mask layout data, apparatus for creating mask layout data, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
5 7,913,138 Semiconductor integrated circuit
6 7,913,109 Storage control apparatus and storage control method
7 7,913,094 Information reproducing apparatus and secure module
8 7,913,080 Setting information distribution apparatus, method, program, and medium, authentication setting transfer apparatus, method, program, and medium, and setting information reception program
9 7,913,042 Virtual storage system control apparatus, virtual storage system control program and virtual storage system control method
10 7,913,028 Data processing system having multiplexed data relaying devices, data processing aparatus having multiplexed data relaying devices, and a method of incorporating data relaying devices in data processing system having multiplexed data relaying devices
11 7,913,026 Data transfer apparatus, information processing apparatus, and data transfer method
12 7,912,992 Disk-drive automatic recognition/setting apparatus and disk-drive automatic recognition/setting method
13 7,912,821 Apparatus and method for data management
14 7,912,787 Information processing apparatus and license distribution system
15 7,912,710 Apparatus and method for changing reproduction speed of speech sound
16 7,912,692 Analysis support system and method, computer readable recording medium storing analysis support program, and analysis support apparatus
17 7,912,680 Direction-of-arrival estimation apparatus
18 7,912,507 Amplifier gain control method and apparatus in multi-antenna radio system
19 7,912,487 Mobile communication system, base station, terminal device, and transmission control method
20 7,912,479 Radio-channel connection controller and mobile communication network system
21 7,912,378 Modulating a signal using a fractional phase modulator
22 7,912,371 Optical transmission device, optical transmission method, and computer product
23 7,912,370 Optical power measurement apparatus and optical power measurement method
24 7,912,329 Optical-switch testing apparatus, optical-signal switching apparatus, optical-switch testing method, and control method for optical-signal switching
25 7,912,243 Decoding device, decoding method and decoding program
26 7,912,239 Flat speaker
27 7,912,136 Device and method for receiving digital signal transmitted using OFDM method
28 7,912,096 Add/drop multiplexer and interface
29 7,912,074 System and method of multiplexing data from multiple ports
30 7,912,054 Method and apparatus for multicast packet readout control
31 7,911,951 Best-effort bandwidth allocating method and device
32 7,911,941 Scheduling method for executing job, scheduling apparatus for executing job, and commutative recording medium having recorded thereon scheduling program for causing execution of job
33 7,911,874 Semiconductor integrated circuit
34 7,911,866 Semiconductor memory for automatic executing refresh operations
35 7,911,825 Multi-port memory based on DRAM core
36 7,911,795 Electronic device including electronic component, heat dissipating member and alloy layer
37 7,911,786 Electronic apparatus
38 7,911,685 Control of a light source providing excitation light
39 7,911,466 Method and apparatus for editing timing diagram, and computer product
40 7,911,448 Pointing device and receiving unit with UWB signal
41 7,911,419 Plasma display panel driving method and plasma display apparatus
42 7,911,404 RF tag and method of producing RF tag
43 7,911,374 Radar device and target detection method
44 7,911,254 Offset correction device and method
45 7,911,252 Clock signal generation circuit
46 7,911,214 Electrical resistance measurement method and component inspection process
47 7,911,003 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
48 7,910,968 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
49 7,910,957 Semiconductor device
50 7,910,955 Semiconductor device having MIS structure and its manufacture method
51 7,910,726 Amidite for synthesizing modified nucleic acid and method for synthesizing modified nucleic acid
52 7,910,431 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
53 7,910,415 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor substrate and method of manufacturing the same
54 7,910,178 Liquid crystal display device and method of producing the same
55 7,909,135 Silencer and electronic apparatus having the same
56 7,908,698 Cleaning apparatus and cleaning method for wafer