Fujitsu patents granted on 22 May 2012

42 US patents granted on 22 May 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,185,863 Delay fault test quality calculation apparatus, delay fault test quality calculation method, and delay fault test pattern generation apparatus
2 8,185,855 Capacitor-cell, integrated circuit, and designing and manufacturing methods
3 8,185,848 Apparatus for performing a manufacturing method of a photomask
4 8,185,760 Memory controller device, control method for memory controller device and data reception device
5 8,185,753 Storage medium for storing power consumption monitor program, power consumption monitor apparatus and power consumption monitor method
6 8,185,699 Cache memory controller and cache memory controlling method
7 8,185,668 System having processor and I/O controller
8 8,185,657 Data generating device
9 8,185,656 Process and computer for collectively transmitting unique messages, and recording medium storing a program for collectively transmitting unique messages
10 8,185,616 Route designing method
11 8,185,493 Solution method of in-doubt state in two-phase commit protocol of distributed transaction
12 8,185,056 Load testing system, load testing apparatus, load testing method, computer product, and communication device
13 8,185,046 Power controlled communication system between a source, repeater, and base station
14 8,184,994 Optical receiving circuit
15 8,184,990 Light source wavelength control apparatus
16 8,184,972 Method and apparatus relating to secure communication
17 8,184,866 Living body guidance control method for a biometrics authentication device, and biometrics authentication device
18 8,184,859 Road marking recognition apparatus and method
19 8,184,729 Communication processing system, OFDM signal transmitting method, OFDM transmitter, OFDM receiver, and control station
20 8,184,708 Motion vector encoding device and decoding device
21 8,184,665 Network device
22 8,184,625 GPON management system
23 8,184,586 Radio base station and radio resource allocation method and radio communication system
24 8,184,583 Virtually centralized uplink scheduling
25 8,184,553 Method and apparatus for measuring packet transmission quality
26 8,184,493 Semiconductor memory device and system
27 8,184,442 Case of an electronic device
28 8,184,407 Magnetoresistance effect device, magnetic lamination structural body, and manufacture method for magnetic lamination structural body
29 8,184,355 Light modulation device
30 8,184,236 Lighting device and liquid crystal display device
31 8,184,024 Data encoding process, data decoding process, computer-readable recording medium storing data encoding program, and computer-readable recording medium storing data decoding program
32 8,183,996 Mobile information-terminal apparatus, mobile information-terminal control method, and mobile information-terminal program
33 8,183,943 Oscillator and phase synchronizing circuit
34 8,183,940 Temperature control device
35 8,183,934 PLL circuit and voltage-controlled oscillator
36 8,183,873 Contact sensor unit, electronic device, and method for producing a contact sensor unit
37 8,183,572 Compound semiconductor device and its manufacture method
38 8,183,558 Compound semiconductor device with T-shaped gate electrode
39 8,183,464 Substrate pad structure
40 8,183,109 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
41 8,183,073 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with quantum dots formed by self-assembled growth
42 8,181,774 Package