Fujitsu patents granted on 22 September 2015

44 US patents granted on 22 September 2015 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 9,144,057 Data distribution control device, data distribution system, and method of controlling data distribution
2 9,144,006 Multi-hop communication terminal, multi-hop communication system, and multi-hop communication method
3 9,144,000 Cell specifying method, base station, and mobile station
4 9,143,998 Apparatus and method for performing handover in a wireless communication network
5 9,143,991 Seamless handover of a mobile station from a macro base station to a privately accessible femto base station
6 9,143,986 Load compensation method, measuring method for load estimation, base station and user equipment
7 9,143,965 Wireless station and transmission power determination method
8 9,143,556 Application providing system and application providing method
9 9,143,453 Relay apparatus and buffer control method
10 9,143,446 Network control apparatus, network control system, and network control method
11 9,143,436 Information processing apparatus, parallel computer system, and control method of parallel computer system
12 9,143,426 Communication apparatus for transmitting data through a plurality of data-paths
13 9,143,284 Receiving apparatus, receiving method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
14 9,143,264 Optical transmission device and optical transmission system
15 9,143,262 Optical packet transmitting/receiving system
16 9,143,260 Optical transmission system, method of adjusting optical transmission device, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
17 9,143,252 Transmission apparatus and data communication channel processing method
18 9,143,242 Optical signal demodulator, optical signal demodulating method, and optical add-drop multiplexer
19 9,143,241 Emphasis signal generating circuit
20 9,143,240 Nonlinear compensating apparatus and method and transmitter
21 9,143,239 Signal processing device, signal processing method, and communication device
22 9,143,223 Relay station, base station, and radio communication method
23 9,143,091 Distortion compensating apparatus, transmitter, distortion compensating method, and transfer function calculating method
24 9,142,861 Lithium ionic conductor and fabrication method therefor, and all-solid lithium secondary battery
25 9,142,749 Thermoelectric conversion module
26 9,142,476 Semiconductor package, cooling mechanism and method for manufacturing semiconductor package
27 9,141,941 Information processing apparatus and method
28 9,141,861 Video image feature generation system and video image feature generation method
29 9,141,846 Image processing device, image processing system, image processing method, and recording medium
30 9,141,677 Apparatus and method for arranging query
31 9,141,485 Storage device, control device and data protection method
32 9,141,465 Reception circuit, information processing apparatus, and control method
33 9,141,463 Error location specification method, error location specification apparatus and computer-readable recording medium in which error location specification program is recorded
34 9,141,455 Bit pattern data converting method and apparatus therefor
35 9,141,452 Failure detection method and failure detection system
36 9,141,429 Multicore processor system, computer product, and control method
37 9,141,428 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
38 9,141,357 Computer-readable recording medium, compiling method, and information processing apparatus
39 9,141,306 Information processing apparatus and area release control method
40 9,141,304 Storage device and method for controlling storage device
41 9,141,293 Storage device and method of accessing copy destination data
42 9,141,092 Frequency control device, frequency control method
43 9,140,722 Contact and connector
44 9,138,143 Annotating medical data represented by characteristic functions