Fujitsu patents granted on 23 April 2013

62 US patents granted on 23 April 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,429,690 TV program search apparatus
2 8,429,664 Job scheduling apparatus and job scheduling method
3 8,429,594 Via design apparatus and via design method based on impedance calculations
4 8,429,578 Method of verifying logic circuit including decoders and apparatus for the same
5 8,429,573 Data generation method for semiconductor device, and electron beam exposure system
6 8,429,463 Log management method and apparatus, information processing apparatus with log management apparatus and storage medium
7 8,429,462 Storage system and method for automatic restoration upon loop anomaly
8 8,429,458 Method and apparatus for system analysis
9 8,429,430 Information processor, computer readable recording medium which records data evacuation program, and data evacuation method
10 8,429,392 Function expansion apparatus for connecting an information processing apparatus to an external storage apparatus
11 8,429,369 Storage management program, storage management method, and storage management apparatus
12 8,429,361 Information-storage system
13 8,429,357 Device management apparatus, device initialization method, and device system
14 8,429,344 Storage apparatus, relay device, and method of controlling operating state
15 8,429,283 Communication control unit and communication control method applied for multi-cast supporting LAN
16 8,429,172 Mobile communication terminal and method for recommending content item
17 8,429,136 Information processing method and information processing apparatus
18 8,429,129 Database restructuring apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium recording database restructuring program
19 8,428,927 Simulation method and simulation apparatus
20 8,428,849 Engine control program, method and apparatus
21 8,428,639 Method for controlling an uplink power in a wireless communication system and an apparatus in the system
22 8,428,613 Wireless communication system, base station device and mobile station device
23 8,428,587 Mobile communication system, position registration method, terminal, and home agent
24 8,428,572 Information processing apparatus
25 8,428,540 Communication apparatus, noise canceller, noise canceling method, and noise canceling program
26 8,428,470 Waveform shaping apparatus, optical transmission system, and waveform shaping method
27 8,428,441 Information processing apparatus and control method therefor
28 8,428,399 Optical module, manufacturing method thereof, and optical transmitter
29 8,428,208 Control circuit, information processing device, and method of controlling information processing device
30 8,428,174 Method, pre-coding apparatus and wireless communication system for multiple-input multiple-output collaborative communication
31 8,428,138 Motion vector encoding device and decoding device
32 8,428,131 Video encoder and decoder using region based coding and decoding techniques with sequential refresh
33 8,428,117 Image encoder and image encoding method
34 8,428,112 Parameter control circuit
35 8,428,078 Communication system including correlation information correlating area and transmission resource
36 8,428,070 Router, management apparatus, and routing control program
37 8,428,059 Network apparatus, edge router, and packet communication system
38 8,428,044 Mobile apparatus
39 8,427,955 Method and apparatus for transferring data
40 8,427,939 MPLS tunnel identification method and device
41 8,427,842 Communication module
42 8,427,823 Mounting device for storage device
43 8,427,821 Electronic part-mounting component and electronic device
44 8,427,793 Switching power supply, control circuit for controlling switching power supply, control method of switching power supply and module substrate
45 8,427,739 Optical amplifier
46 8,427,470 Computer product, information display apparatus, and information display method
47 8,427,389 Mobile communication device and method for assembling the mobile communication device
48 8,427,375 Electronic apparatus
49 8,427,291 Information recording apparatus
50 8,427,237 Common-mode feedback circuit
51 8,427,231 Amplifying device and amplifying method
52 8,427,215 Semiconductor integrated circuit
53 8,427,208 Phase interpolator and semiconductor circuit device
54 8,427,190 Power supply apparatus, power supply unit diagnostic apparatus, and method for controlling power supply apparatus
55 8,426,892 Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
56 8,426,816 Imaging device, A/D converter device and reading circuit
57 8,426,267 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
58 8,426,260 Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
59 8,426,073 Fuel cell system and method of controlling same
60 8,425,226 Heat treatment apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
61 8,425,175 Part-delivery apparatus and method for the same
62 8,424,771 RFID tag