Fujitsu patents granted on 23 January 2007

26 US patents granted on 23 January 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,168,040 Document processing apparatus and method for analysis and formation of tagged hypertext documents
2 7,168,014 Propagating an error through a network
3 7,167,898 Collaboration method, system, program and record medium
4 7,167,847 DNA computer and a computation method using the same
5 7,167,833 Conference management assistance apparatus and conference management assistance program
6 7,167,823 Multimedia information retrieval method, program, record medium and system
7 7,167,512 Communication method, communication apparatus, software program and computer-readable recording medium for avoiding delay in authentication due to interruption of communication
8 7,167,509 Digital subscriber line communicating system and a transceiver in the system
9 7,167,456 Apparatus for estimating propagation path characteristics
10 7,167,446 Method for transferring quality declaration data in an ATM network
11 7,167,409 Semiconductor memory device
12 7,167,374 Circuit substrate and electronic equipment
13 7,167,341 Thin film magnetic head having lower auxiliary magnetic pole on lower magnetic pole layer
14 7,167,338 Magnetic disk apparatus
15 7,167,301 Semiconductor optical amplifier suitable for coarse WDM communications and light amplification method
16 7,167,281 Image processing apparatus and method for binarizing a multilevel image
17 7,167,277 Color data conversion method, color data conversion apparatus, storage medium, device driver and color conversion table
18 7,167,214 Signal processing unit and liquid crystal display device
19 7,167,168 Display device and method for driving display device
20 7,167,042 Semiconductor device having logic circuit and macro circuit
21 7,167,027 Latch-type level converter and receiver circuit accurately amplifying low-amplitude signals and receiving common-mode input signals higher than a supply voltage
22 7,166,882 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
23 7,166,803 Parallel-transmission flat cable equipped with connector unit
24 7,166,516 Method for fabricating a semiconductor device including the use of a compound containing silicon and nitrogen to form an insulation film of SiN or SiCN
25 7,165,991 Connector
26 7,165,724 Portable terminal