Fujitsu patents granted on 23 July 2013

47 US patents granted on 23 July 2013 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 8,495,704 Information processing apparatus and computer product
2 8,495,549 Method for generating wiring pattern data
3 8,495,463 Memory controlling apparatus and method
4 8,495,434 Failure source server and mail server administrator alert management programs, systems, and methods
5 8,495,385 Adapter for portable storage medium and method of disabling data access
6 8,495,370 Information processing apparatus and authentication bypassing method
7 8,495,339 Dynamic reconfiguration support apparatus, dynamic reconfiguration support method, and computer product
8 8,495,275 List structure control circuit
9 8,495,188 Sensor information management system, sensor information management method, and computer-readable storage medium
10 8,495,090 Storage medium containing parallel process control program, parallel processs control system, and parallel process control method
11 8,495,038 Validating sensor data represented by characteristic functions
12 8,495,006 System analysis program, system analysis method, and system analysis apparatus
13 8,494,598 Portable terminal device with light source
14 8,494,583 Electronic apparatus, screen information output method and computer-readable storage medium
15 8,494,523 Mobile communications system and mobile radio terminal
16 8,494,460 System and method for a dual-path transmitter
17 8,494,345 Video reproducing device and video reproducing method
18 8,494,320 Optical element and method for manufacturing the same
19 8,494,103 Reception circuit
20 8,494,069 Phase correcting apparatus and distortion compensating apparatus for radio transmitter
21 8,494,010 Data transfer device, data transmitting device, data receiving device, and data transfer method
22 8,493,989 Network device and data control program
23 8,493,944 Terminal position managing server, access point, and call control server
24 8,493,872 System and method for monitoring the connectivity of a path between nodes in a network
25 8,493,850 Communication apparatus and frame transmission method
26 8,493,848 Resource allocation method in wireless base station device, and wireless base station device
27 8,493,735 Liquid cooling arrangement for electronic apparatus
28 8,493,447 Image synthesis apparatus and image synthesis method
29 8,493,424 Printer
30 8,493,400 Memory device and memory control for controlling the same
31 8,493,338 Mobile terminal
32 8,493,251 Self-calibrated DAC with reduced glitch mapping
33 8,493,186 Reading device, computer program product and reading system
34 8,493,183 Wireless tag and method for producing wireless tag
35 8,493,164 Electromagnetic relay
36 8,493,149 Amplifier circuit with variable tuning precision
37 8,493,144 Distortion compensation device, radio communication device, and distortion compensation method
38 8,493,142 Amplifier, transmission device, and amplifier control method
39 8,493,127 System and method for linearization of a mixer
40 8,493,095 Semiconductor device with clock stop detection
41 8,493,091 Programmable logic device
42 8,493,050 Control circuit for switching power supply unit, electronic device and method for controlling switching power supply unit
43 8,492,997 Driving circuit of light-emitting element and method of generating driving signal therefor
44 8,492,784 Semiconductor device and method for producing the same, and power supply
45 8,492,105 Screening method for an insulin resistance improving agent or a therapeutic agent for diabetes
46 8,491,316 Connection terminal and transmission line
47 8,490,857 Reflow apparatus, a reflow method, and a manufacturing method of a semiconductor device