Fujitsu patents granted on 23 June 2009

41 US patents granted on 23 June 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,552,414 Layout design apparatus, layout design method, and computer product
2 7,552,411 LSI analysis method, LSI analysis apparatus, and computer product
3 7,552,369 Semiconductor device and method for testing semiconductor device
4 7,552,287 Method and system of controlling a cache memory by interrupting prefetch request with a demand fetch request
5 7,552,278 Disk array access dynamic control device and method
6 7,552,249 Direct memory access circuit and disk array device using same
7 7,552,167 Communications control method and system with automatic data congestion preventing function
8 7,552,105 Importance degree calculation program, importance degree calculation method, and importance degree calculation apparatus
9 7,551,905 Distortion compensation apparatus
10 7,551,857 Optical transmission system
11 7,551,828 Optical transmission device for controlling optical level of transmission signal in optical transmission system
12 7,551,820 Optical device
13 7,551,687 Distortion compensating apparatus
14 7,551,678 OFDM transceiver apparatus
15 7,551,634 Communication network system
16 7,551,616 Forwarding packets to aggregated links using distributed ingress card processing
17 7,551,612 Intra-station control system for connectionless communications system
18 7,551,435 Heat-absorbing member, cooling device, and electronic apparatus
19 7,551,399 Head suspension including flexure having as elastic bending section
20 7,551,391 System and method for controlling head velocity by demodulating servo information
21 7,551,381 Device and method for reading data from and writing data in storage medium
22 7,551,347 Optical amplification characteristics simulation apparatus and optical amplification characteristics simulation method
23 7,551,203 Picture inputting apparatus using high-resolution image pickup device to acquire low-resolution whole pictures and high-resolution partial pictures
24 7,551,054 Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
25 7,551,048 Micro-relay and method of fabricating the same
26 7,550,975 Portable information terminal apparatus and voltage measurement apparatus
27 7,550,895 Method for driving micro-oscillating element having comb-teeth electrodes
28 7,550,878 Circuit for preventing corrosion of contact
29 7,550,844 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
30 7,550,799 Semiconductor device and fabrication method of a semiconductor device
31 7,550,678 Plasma display module
32 7,550,394 Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
33 7,550,392 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,550,376 Semiconductor device capable of suppressing current concentration in pad and its manufacture method
35 7,550,302 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
36 7,550,248 Resist pattern thickening material and process for forming resist pattern, and semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
37 7,549,805 Transceiver module
38 7,549,794 In-furnace temperature measuring method
39 7,549,768 Display device, including discharge tube temperature control member
40 7,549,584 Apparatus for optically reading identification information from commodity
41 7,549,222 Method of producing wiring board