Fujitsu patents granted on 23 March 2010

44 US patents granted on 23 March 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,685,546 Method and apparatus for supporting verification, and computer product
2 7,685,504 Method and apparatus for controlling transmitting, receiving, and re-transmission
3 7,685,489 Semiconductor integrated circuit and testing method
4 7,685,471 System and method for detecting software defects
5 7,685,432 Authentication method based on biological characteristic information
6 7,685,243 Mail server, mail reception device, mail server program storage medium, mail reception program storage medium, mail mediation method, and mail reception
7 7,685,018 Method and system for providing a payback to a user and distributor based on product use
8 7,685,017 Communication intermediating method, intermediating device, and communication device
9 7,684,965 Method and apparatus for processing data, and computer product
10 7,684,780 Semiconductor device, radio terminal device, and radio communication equipment
11 7,684,764 Duplexer using surface acoustic wave filters and electronic device equipped with the same
12 7,684,713 Phase control apparatus and optical DQPSK receiver
13 7,684,706 System and method for traffic distribution in an optical network
14 7,684,705 Distribution node for a wavelength-sharing network
15 7,684,700 Loss-of-signal detecting device
16 7,684,670 Wire accommodation apparatus
17 7,684,527 Communication device and communication method
18 7,684,463 Frequency-division multiplexing transceiver apparatus, wave-number-division multiplexing transceiver apparatus and method
19 7,684,424 Memory interleaving in a high-speed switching environment
20 7,684,382 Provider network for providing L-2 VPN services and edge router
21 7,684,369 Radio based station apparatus and base station controller
22 7,684,339 Communication control system
23 7,684,334 Method of call processing at communication node
24 7,684,289 Actuator for optical pickup, optical pickup, and apparatus for reading or recording information
25 7,684,258 Semiconductor memory and controller with time-shared mode for row address, column address and data mask signals inputted via address terminals
26 7,684,210 Card unit, device unit, card attaching/detaching method and electronic apparatus
27 7,684,200 Electronic apparatus and electronic system
28 7,684,190 Heat sink with non-uniform fins and transverse protrusion
29 7,684,073 Copy controller and method thereof
30 7,683,736 Resonant circuit, filter, and antenna duplexer
31 7,683,676 Signal-level detecting apparatus, optical receiver, and signal-level detecting method
32 7,683,598 Power supply circuit, power supply control circuit, and power supply control method
33 7,683,503 Dead battery preventing device for preventing engine start failure of vehicle having economy running function and dead battery prevention method
34 7,683,488 Semiconductor device
35 7,683,452 Threshold voltage modulation image sensor
36 7,683,440 Semiconductor memory device
37 7,683,412 Semiconductor device having a ferroelectric capacitator
38 7,683,392 Semiconductor device with anisotropy-relaxed quantum dots
39 7,683,362 Semiconductor device and production method thereof
40 7,683,005 Photocatalyst, manufacturing method therefor and articles comprising photocatalyst
41 7,682,983 Manufacturing method of electronic device with resist ashing
42 7,682,170 Electronic apparatus
43 7,682,140 Mold for resin molding, resin molding apparatus, and semiconductor device manufacture method
44 7,681,522 Apparatus for manufacturing bonded substrate