Fujitsu patents granted on 23 November 2010

23 US patents granted on 23 November 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,840,957 Computer program and apparatus for updating installed software programs by comparing update times
2 7,840,930 Signal connection program, method, and device of hierarchical logic circuit
3 7,840,924 Apparatus, method, and program for verifying logic circuit operating with multiple clock signals
4 7,840,853 CPU suppression system and CPU suppression method using service processor
5 7,840,560 Macro delivery system and macro delivery program
6 7,840,141 Differential M phase-shift modulator
7 7,840,097 Aiding apparatus, design aiding method, computer readable recording medium recorded thereon a design aiding program and design aiding system
8 7,840,056 Paper sheet processor
9 7,840,027 Data embedding apparatus and printed material
10 7,839,991 Computer product, outbound-operation support apparatus, and outbound-operation support method
11 7,839,958 System and method for the adjustment of compensation applied to a signal
12 7,839,955 System and method for the non-linear adjustment of compensation applied to a signal
13 7,839,949 Peak suppression method, peak suppression apparatus and wireless transmission apparatus
14 7,839,880 OFDM communication system and OFDM communication method
15 7,839,853 Transmitting apparatus and frame transfer method
16 7,839,704 Memory circuit and control method thereof
17 7,839,114 Phase detection method, phase detecting apparatus, synchronous-motor control method, and synchronous motor controller
18 7,838,987 Electronic device, standoff member, and method of manufacturing electronic device
19 7,838,903 Compound semiconductor device and the fabricating method of the same
20 7,838,796 Stack structure cutting method and stack structure
21 7,838,401 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
22 7,837,475 Connector with reinforced mounting structure
23 7,837,103 Method and system for accounting item sold by weight