Fujitsu patents granted on 23 October 2007

29 US patents granted on 23 October 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,287,232 Information display system having graphical user interface switchingly controlling information display on display screen
2 7,287,211 Data readout device and data readout method
3 7,287,150 Processor and instruction control method
4 7,287,142 Memory device and method for arbitrating internal and external access
5 7,287,095 Processing method, processing apparatus and storage medium
6 7,287,065 Data distribution system and network cache apparatus, data distribution server, and access server used for the same
7 7,286,908 Communication system for communication between in-vehicle terminals and center, and in-vehicle terminal employed in communication system
8 7,286,758 Method for switching transmission route, and optical transmission device
9 7,286,728 Optical element and optical switch
10 7,286,727 Optical communication device and optical device
11 7,286,722 Memo image managing apparatus, memo image managing system and memo image managing method
12 7,286,600 Data transmission method and data transmission device
13 7,286,596 Training method for recording medium reproduction equalizer and recording medium reproduction apparatus
14 7,286,495 Digital subscriber line transmission method, apparatus and system
15 7,286,494 Polling communication system and polling control method
16 7,286,478 Usage parameter control device for asynchronous transfer mode system
17 7,286,434 Semiconductor memory device with shift register-based refresh address generation circuit
18 7,286,424 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
19 7,286,319 Disk drive write control by servo gain
20 7,286,130 Polygonal chart drawing processing method, device and computer-readable medium recording a program of the same
21 7,286,098 Circular polarization antenna and composite antenna including this antenna
22 7,285,838 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
23 7,285,794 Quantum semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
24 7,285,460 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
25 7,285,449 Semiconductor device manufacture method including process of implanting impurity into gate electrode independently from source /drain and semiconductor device manufactured by the method
26 7,285,429 Mounting device for high frequency microwave devices
27 7,285,019 Power supply terminal having an electronic part
28 7,284,445 Strain waveform control apparatus, strain waveform regulating member, strain waveform control method by using strain waveform control apparatus, and strain waveform control program
29 7,284,311 Multilayer wiring board, manufacturing method therefor and test apparatus thereof