Fujitsu patents granted on 24 April 2007

33 US patents granted on 24 April 2007 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,210,163 Method and system for user authentication and authorization of services
2 7,210,128 Event-driven observability enhanced coverage analysis
3 7,210,027 Processor transferring multiple working register windows transfers global registers only for select exception handling
4 7,210,021 Cache control program
5 7,209,985 Input information processing apparatus, method and program
6 7,209,941 System and method for distributing contents from a child server based on a client’s current location
7 7,209,899 Management device, network apparatus, and management method
8 7,209,709 Apparatus and method for discriminating information transmitted using radio signal
9 7,209,661 Wavelength multiplexing method and an apparatus thereof
10 7,209,656 Management of optical links using power level information
11 7,209,655 Sharing of power level information to support optical communications
12 7,209,654 Optical transmission system
13 7,209,621 Optical apparatuses providing optical interconnections among a plurality of electronic components
14 7,209,574 Eye tracking apparatus, eye tracking method, eye state judging apparatus, eye state judging method and computer memory product
15 7,209,512 CDMA receiver, and searcher in a CDMA receiver
16 7,209,486 Address access system and method thereof
17 7,209,472 Method of controlling change-over of connection route between media gateway apparatuses, and call agent apparatus
18 7,209,434 Path modifying method, label switching node and administrative node in label transfer network
19 7,209,402 Semiconductor memory
20 7,209,340 Semiconductor device and MIM capacitor
21 7,209,284 Optical amplifier using reflection-type variable optical attenuator for feedback
22 7,209,152 Signal processor for multiple gradations
23 7,209,063 Semiconductor integrated circuit having switch circuit of digital signal
24 7,209,012 Switching circuit and voltage-controlled oscillator including the same
25 7,208,978 Semiconductor device
26 7,208,859 Bonded substrate, surface acoustic wave chip, and surface acoustic wave device
27 7,208,812 Semiconductor device having STI without divot and its manufacture
28 7,208,722 Measuring method and measuring apparatus for coherent crosstalk light
29 7,208,417 Apparatus and method for supplying chemicals
30 7,208,405 Insulating film forming method capable of enhancing adhesion of silicon carbide film, etc. and semiconductor device
31 7,208,234 Organic EL element and method of manufacturing the same, organic EL display device using the element, organic EL material, and surface emission device and liquid crystal display device using the material
32 7,208,203 Method for forming metal oxide film and method for forming secondary electron emission film in gas discharge tube
33 7,208,059 Method of ultrasonic-mounting electronic component and ultrasonic mounting machine