Fujitsu patents granted on 24 August 2010

36 US patents granted on 24 August 2010 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 D622,269 Personal computer
2 7,784,011 Reflecting pin swap of PLD performed in package design in circuit design and PLD design
3 7,784,001 Circuit design method, circuit design system, and program product for causing computer to perform circuit design
4 7,783,976 Method and apparatus for comparing documents, and computer product
5 7,783,939 Cache memory, processor, and production methods for cache memory and processor
6 7,783,895 Method and apparatus for encrypting data to be secured and inputting/outputting the same
7 7,783,868 Instruction fetch control device and method thereof with dynamic configuration of instruction buffers
8 7,783,840 Method and apparatus for controlling memory system
9 7,783,693 Reconfigurable circuit
10 7,783,683 Computer-readable storage medium storing generational garbage collection program
11 7,783,481 Noise reduction apparatus and noise reducing method
12 7,783,327 Mobile station
13 7,783,187 Illumination controller, illumination control method, and imaging apparatus
14 7,783,088 Fingerprint authenticating apparatus, live-finger determining apparatus, and live-finger determining method
15 7,783,078 Tunable object detection
16 7,783,027 Computer-readable recording medium having recorded therein agent training support program, and agent training support method and agent training support apparatus
17 7,782,942 Moving picture coding device
18 7,782,923 Wireless communication system and device for controlling the peak to average power ratio
19 7,782,795 Multicast data communication system, data communication apparatus, multicast data communication method and computer readable non-transitory information recording medium
20 7,782,724 Information reproducing apparatus and method for measuring surface deflection
21 7,782,682 Semiconductor device with circuitry for efficient information exchange
22 7,782,630 Printed circuit board unit
23 7,782,368 Image signal processing unit for amplifying signal level of effective pixel region and method
24 7,782,314 Device and system for synchronizing image signals transmitted with superimposed signals
25 7,782,249 Detection and ranging device and detection and ranging method
26 7,782,241 Signal processing method and device, and analog/digital converting device
27 7,782,153 Timing adjusting method and timing adjusting apparatus
28 7,782,144 Active filter in PLL circuit
29 7,782,140 Analog circuit
30 7,782,124 Voltage supply circuit of semiconductor device
31 7,781,909 Control circuit of power supply, power supply and control method thereof
32 7,781,867 Method and system for providing an aligned semiconductor assembly
33 7,781,812 Semiconductor device for non-volatile memory and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,781,284 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
35 7,781,259 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor using a rigid substrate
36 7,780,427 Two-stage rotary compressor