Fujitsu patents granted on 24 February 2009

26 US patents granted on 24 February 2009 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 7,496,781 Timing signal generating circuit with a master circuit and slave circuits
2 7,496,490 Multi-core-model simulation method, multi-core model simulator, and computer product
3 7,496,335 Mobile terminal apparatus and channel compensation method of the same
4 7,496,330 Phase adjusting method and apparatus
5 7,496,327 Music information, updating system, music information broadcasting apparatus, terminal apparatus having music information updating function, music information updating method, music information broadcasting method, and music information updating method of terminal apparatus
6 7,496,215 Information device and computer product
7 7,496,152 Adaptive control apparatus
8 7,496,127 Optical device coupling light propagating in optical waveguide with diffraction grating
9 7,496,114 IP image transmission apparatus
10 7,496,055 Layer 2 loop detection system
11 7,496,039 Delay guarantee path setting system
12 7,496,034 Packet processing device implementing scheduling and priority for improved efficiency
13 7,495,990 Semiconductor memory device and method of controlling the semiconductor memory device
14 7,495,986 Semiconductor memory device, and method of controlling the same
15 7,495,866 Recording disk drive capable of suppressing vibration of flexible printed circuit board
16 7,495,861 Control apparatus, control method, and computer product for magnetic tape device
17 7,495,855 Apparatus and method for reading and writing data in recording medium
18 7,495,658 Control device, electronic apparatus and medium for outputting information in accordance with an operation relative to an input device
19 7,495,656 Actuator that provides tactile information
20 7,495,618 Antenna apparatus and electronic device
21 7,495,615 Antenna coupling module
22 7,495,603 Radar apparatus
23 7,495,464 Inspection device of a semiconductor device
24 7,495,309 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
25 7,495,275 Semiconductor device and dram integrated circuit device
26 7,494,855 Compound semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same