Fujitsu patents granted on 24 January 2012

30 US patents granted on 24 January 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE43,138 Mobile communication system enabling efficient use of small-zone base stations
2 8,104,031 Storage system, storage unit, and method for hot swapping of firmware
3 8,104,008 Layout design apparatus, layout design method, and computer product
4 8,104,003 Technique for creating analysis model and technique for creating circuit board model
5 8,103,914 Test file generation device and test file generation method
6 8,103,859 Information processing apparatus, cache memory controlling apparatus, and memory access order assuring method
7 8,103,757 Status management device and status management method
8 8,103,482 Sensor evaluation system, sensor evaluation method, and storage medium recording sensor evaluation program
9 8,103,235 Communicating apparatus, noise canceling method and memory product
10 8,103,210 Information processing apparatus
11 8,103,177 Apparatus and method for frequency offset monitoring used in digital coherent optical receiver
12 8,103,176 Frequency offset compensating apparatus and method, and optical coherent receiver
13 8,103,151 Information recording apparatus
14 8,103,052 Method of embedding informaton into image
15 8,102,945 Signal processing device and signal processing method
16 8,102,941 Peak suppression control apparatus
17 8,102,660 Multi-layer printed wiring board, electronic device, and fabrication method of electronic device
18 8,102,595 Optical transmission system with optical amplifier gain setup based on difference between signal loss and noise light loss
19 8,102,490 Display element with displaying pattern feature
20 8,102,294 Solid-state image sensor
21 8,102,288 Data transmitting circuit and method
22 8,102,249 Starting control apparatus and starting control method
23 8,102,198 Relay circuit, information processing apparatus, and relay method
24 8,102,166 Power source device and output voltage stabilizing method
25 8,102,030 Semiconductor device with strain
26 8,102,022 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
27 8,102,003 Resistance memory element, method of manufacturing resistance memory element and semiconductor memory device
28 8,101,879 Key switch and keyboard having the same
29 8,101,513 Manufacture method for semiconductor device using damascene method
30 8,101,324 Photomask manufacturing method, photomask manufacturing apparatus and photomask