Fujitsu patents granted on 24 July 2012

48 US patents granted on 24 July 2012 and assigned to Fujitsu

1 RE43,546 Digital broadcasting receiving apparatus
2 8,230,376 Designing supply wirings in semiconductor integrated circuit by detecting power supply wiring of specific wiring layer in projection area
3 8,230,370 Circuit design assisting apparatus, computer-readable medium storing circuit design assisting program, and circuit design assisting method
4 8,230,309 Maximum likelihood detector, error correction circuit and medium storage device
5 8,230,297 Error correction device
6 8,230,273 Wireless communication apparatus
7 8,230,264 System evaluation apparatus
8 8,230,258 Control method of system monitoring device, program, and computer system
9 8,230,191 Recording medium storing allocation control program, allocation control apparatus, and allocation control method
10 8,230,188 Storage management apparatus, storage system, and storage management method
11 8,230,173 Cache memory system, data processing apparatus, and storage apparatus
12 8,230,133 Microcomputer with internal DMA
13 8,229,995 Data transfer processing apparatus, data transfer processing method, and computer product
14 8,229,892 Storage apparatus and data restoring method used therein
15 8,229,724 Signal transmission system evaluation apparatus and program, and signal transmission system design method
16 8,229,610 Deceleration-running evaluating device
17 8,229,526 Portable device with sliding housing
18 8,229,520 Cover part for electronic equipment and electronic equipment having the same
19 8,229,447 Uplink transmit power control method, communication terminal unit, base station unit, and mobile communication system
20 8,229,282 Video-recording reservation management apparatus, method, program and system
21 8,229,250 Pattern aligning method, verifying method, and verifying device
22 8,229,171 Apparatus, method, and computer product for vehicle-type determination using image data of vehicle
23 8,229,087 Relay apparatus, relay method, relay program, and communication system
24 8,229,010 OFDM receiving apparatus having plurality of OFDM branches
25 8,228,914 Route selecting method and router apparatus
26 8,228,905 CTI control system
27 8,228,813 Network quality measurement based on quality measurement packet
28 8,228,799 Data communication apparatus and computer product
29 8,228,797 System and method for providing optimum bandwidth utilization
30 8,228,788 Network connection device and signal processing method in the network connection device
31 8,228,686 Substrate for high frequency and package using this substrate
32 8,228,577 Hologram recording apparatus
33 8,228,446 Component assembly and electronic apparatus
34 8,228,396 Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and image distortion correction method
35 8,228,143 Assembly of electromagnetic relay and circuit board
36 8,228,116 Semiconductor integrated circuit and power supply voltage control method
37 8,228,105 Clock signal correction
38 8,227,895 Capacitor and semiconductor device
39 8,227,848 Semiconductor device
40 8,227,838 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
41 8,227,782 Resistance change element and method of manufacturing the same
42 8,227,709 Printed wiring board, and design method for printed wiring board
43 8,227,707 Coaxial connector mounted circuit board
44 8,227,355 Method and apparatus of fabricating semiconductor device
45 8,227,337 Semiconductor device having metal wirings of laminated structure
46 8,227,329 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
47 8,227,153 Mask pattern correction device, method of correcting mask pattern, light exposure correction device, and method of correcting light exposure
48 8,226,002 Magnetic card reader